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  1. I recently got dampner for my V1 and was a little surprised by the big "dead zone" which is caused byt exactly what you described. Actually thought more ppl would notice this. Maybe its just a few of us having this problem. Have you found any good solution for this? Dampner seems pretty awesome otherwise.
  2. Hello As we all know, DCS is not the fastest software to get update. After 6+ years with dcs, I simply can’t convince myself too spend more time fiddeling with it. For me DCS as a hobby, is more akin to owning an old muscle car/bike; you spend 80% of the time trying to get it or peripherals to run acceptable and 20% actually flying/CTDing. TL;DR: stick with OB ver.2.554 (or whatever version of dcs it was that gave best FPS) or does new stable actually produce good FPS in vr?
  3. Yeah I agree. I didnt see as many servers in the list so I thought that it was fixed and everyone had gotten back to new version. Unfortunately there is something weird going on hitting the fps in a big way. Honestly cant be arsed to download like 30Gb for a thrid time. Hopefully they'll fix it quick.
  4. Just a FYI on how I have AP set up. I also think the mentality behind it is that SPAK is not really meant to be disconnected. So I moddeled mine after the mirage. Got a VKB stick. First stage trigger is Attitude toggle, second stage as Level autopilot. First trigger also toggles between SPAK and attitude. I guess you could also supposedly also set trigger up as a AP-standby, like mirage.
  5. Solved it: I disabled the onboard GPU chip, which I've used for 3 years a a bridge to my second monitor without problem. But for some reason it stopped working after an update. Just disabled the secondary GPU, start DCS VR. Quit and you can enable it again.
  6. thx for trying to help btw. Launching from Oculus does the same thing, no picture just loading. VTOL VR and other VR works fine.
  7. Im using Skate Zillas launcher. It has worked for years. There is just some small thing that has changed, but I cant find what it is that is making it get stuck in Oculus Home Loading screen thing.
  8. Hi Anyone encountered a problem recently that when DCS is started onyl has a small window with DCS loading... in HMD. I get tracking and picture on Screen, but just the Oculus Home loading screen on hmd. All other VR games work. I think it happened with the last DCS update or nvidia update. Tried a new dcs.openbeta folder but doesnt work. Im guessing its simple solution but I cant get it to work.
  9. Hey just a follow up. Anybody else got any more advanced setting or tips? My VR compensation thing has gone haywire for some reason. Also, has anyone played around with G-force for Y-axis instead of pitch? I did so a long time ago before my platform got damamged. I was emailing with MotionSystems.eu and got some settings but I wasent ideal. I wanna try it again though. Anybody else tried this?
  10. Wow mean. Just wow. Very nice job on that throttle.w Do you have any plans on sharing your schematics or workflow or something for that? (If I ever got my thumbs out of my but to make something like this).
  11. Hey sorry for the late reply. Ive been sick and away from home, but just took a scrnshot of the settings. I play around with them a lot so take them with a grain of salt. I left out VR since that is depdent on your VR setup. I also left out Game Input interpolation since I really havent touched them.
  12. Hey! I feel you.... I asked for settings like a year ago and nobody replied so I'm gonna break the bad circle and post mine for you. However, I am not satisfied with my settings at all, but it might give you some ideas. If anyone else wants to share their settings too, that would be great. Also, there's a pitch shift that occurs when taking off. It happens exactly when your aircraft becomse airborne and the wheels are of the ground, its a pretty violent pitch up. I guess this might have to do with you pitch-curvature settings or it might be an effect that simulates wheels of the ground. I actually like it, but I would like it to not be so violent. Anyone else noticed that? Edit: arg cant upload that profile here. Dont really have any accounts to upload anywhere else, suggestions?
  13. Well, my folder is called openbeta. So that might be it.
  14. Hmm. Thats weird. Have you tried just selecting a profile and pressing Activate? Some time mine doesnt active the first couple of times. Do you have the 2.94 software?
  15. Update: seems like I kind bind it to joystick button, but not keyboard.
  16. Hello. Just wanted to check if I am the only one with problem to bind PCN enter and claer to keyboard? Its bound but whatever I bind those keys to they never register. I have to click them with mouse. Which is pretty annoying.
  17. Hey thanks. If you wanna upload a version that would be gold! I've sent them an email but might be faster if you would not mind uploading it too. I was starting to think something was wrong with me, not getting it to work...
  18. Oh my friend. This was also a head scratcher for me. Are you getting the NLR seat as well? Or something different? I’ve centermounted Logitech G940 (and side), BRD-Ds (pre-Virpil), and now a VBK tested both with and without extension (actually like it without more I think). All on NLRV3, and all with the extension flight packs. So I have some experience. I am not using the different parts as intended but I think my solutions are better. I can snap a few picks when I’m back home.
  19. Hey. Long time no see. Hope this doesnt count as a necro but thought this was the place to ask again. Just got my platform back after having it sent back to Next Level Racing, a sensor was faulty. Great support. However sending it back cost me a fair share since its very heavy. Anyway, nice to see propper support for the platform now. However now my platform wont work on any server at all, only singelplayer. Has something changed?
  20. Is the mig up to snuff yet? Last I tried it SAU was wack and pointed it down when activated and a bunch of other problems.
  21. Hey Shimmer. Yeah wrecked my heading trying to find it. Turned out I also had to reinstall the module. Thanks though!
  22. I the same problem, but I cant find the changed/new keymapping either.
  23. I've been fiddeling again during the last two weeks with exactly this and I cant choose. Pick FPS and loose that pixel you were tracking against every other jagged pixel. Choose AA and loose it in the fps ghosting. However I have found it easier to go with AWS off for target tracking. Easier to track for some reason. But leave it on by default. Its shame that one has to choose...
  24. Hey thanks for all your great work! However I cant get multi-page to work. Maybe because I didnt have a Scratchpad folder in my openbeta. Anyway. I've fiddled with it for a while but cant seem to solve it. Otherwise working perfectly. The window of focus thing can be kinda annoying but most of these VR annoyances will iron out hopefully.
  25. Has the weird FM bug from 2017 been fixed yet? I stopped flying Viggen a few months back when I noticed it. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=195088
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