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  1. Aah, that means the Mini-Stick is for example, from far left 0% and far right 100% on the same axis. 0-10% means then left side, 90-100% means right side. Understand, i will try it. Update: Works fine, thank you!
  2. Interesting. They work in all 4 directions as buttons? Down, left, up, right? Because from your screenshot it looks like 0-10% are buttons (but in which direction??) and 90-100% are other buttons (again in which direction?)
  3. Thanks for the hint, i found the tutorial how to define a button to an axis. But then, the X-axis only works on the left side, the Y-axis only on the top side of the mini-joystick. How to configure it that all 4 directions work each as a button?
  4. Is it possible to map any axis on the small thumb joystick on the Constellation Alpha? I have not been successful so far...
  5. Same here, no cent from my wallet anymore until i have the feeling the one or other module gets finished after years of early access... :thumbup:
  6. Bought today, had it in my crosshair for a long time. :music_whistling: I love this little bird. Im a little bit picky in choosing my modules. So far im only using the A10, the Huey and now - tadaaaa - the Harrier. :joystick: Just wanted to tell :D Jan
  7. Für mich die schönste Maschine aller Zeiten: Die P51D. Linienführung wie ein Cadillac.
  8. Same here: TM Stick on a WarBRD Base. The best combination i have ever had. Extremely precise with the perfect centering force. Together with the TM Throttle and Crosswind Pedals really perfect.
  9. Yesterday my first try on the server. I was shot down on my way to the Bullseye, did not know there was something behind me :D But Navigation is difficult in the F5 - it seems there is no Tacan station. So its more visual navigation to the Mountains and back (if i come back...)
  10. Hi, yes i read that, but which frequencies i need to use in my F-5 ingame? Is that mentioned in some ingame briefing or something like that? (i have not yet joined the server)
  11. Is there a description about the server rules? Especially how and what to communicate with who?
  12. Hi, i bought the F-5 in the last sale. Right now im learning the machine. Is there still activity on the Cold War Server? I would like to fly mainly online and be a part of that community :) But: i still not understand how that thing with simple radio works on the server.
  13. Danke Rakuzard. Dann steht dem Austausch des Warthog-Gimbals durch das hochgelobte Virpil Gimbal nichts im Wege :) Ich nutze auch die Monstertechs - ein Traum!
  14. Passt der Warthog Stick ohne weiteres auf die Virpil Base? Das plane ich in Gedanken nämlich auch schon. Die Buttons und ihre Funktionalitäten sind dann die Gleichen? Oder wie kann ich mir das vorstellen?
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