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  1. just wanted to say... Spent the last couple of evenings training myself on Case 3 recoveries and crikey that's an experience. Doing it in VR and by the time I'd landed and parked up I was knackered! Absolutely great fun and very immersive, really enjoyed it. Thank you Heatblur!
  2. I went from the rift to the S and don’t regret it, was a noticeable improvement . That was probably 6 months ago though so if you can afford a G2 I would imagine it would be very noticeable.
  3. Firstly, this is an amazing mission, truly brilliant. Excuse the noob question but I don’t get any prompts going round the circuit and don’t get a final score. Is there anything I should be doing? I’m definitely 800 ft and 350 knots going past the carrier. Cheers!
  4. Yeah I do, works fine on pretty high settings.
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