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  1. How do I use track ball.in the a10 for the seeker camera.Thanks
  2. I have read that there are 2 modes for playing,realisim and I call it arcade mode.I have not seen much about the arcade mode.So I have a few questons. 1--Will there be a invecability mode. 2--Will the flight mode be easyer in arcade mode. 3--unlimeted wepons and fuel. 4--easy targeting radar mode. I ask this because thats how I first started flying lomac. Thanks
  3. Im getting FSX this weekend yo hold me over until BS comes.I found a copy of apache havoc and fair strike at half-price books.Thay were only 4 bucks each and there pretty fun.:pilotfly:
  4. Hope you enjoy!:) http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions_article16.html
  5. I have been away for a few days.But is there a offical site for DCS yet,and if there is please post it.
  6. Yes planes like the f-14,f-18 are not aircraft there spacecraft!:cry:So mach 1.0 is about 800 mph.:helpsmilie:
  7. Heres some of the fastest aircraft in the world.Most are soviet made. http://www.globalaircraft.org/top50.htm The largest. http://www.globalaircraft.org/50_largest.htm
  8. I whatched the raptor at lockeed do this arobatic stuff and it was not even a air show.I think it was a flight demo for lockeed employees.Because I puulled up at the wallmart parking lot when it was taking off.For approxamently 25 min I was in diss belief at what I shaw.My wife says to me why is it hovering like that ,I laughed at her.The man standing beside me said is there a air show going on.All I can say is that demo was the second neatest thing I ever saw a plane do.The first neatest air show demo I saw was in the 70s when a KC-135 did a roll over the base at a air show.
  9. My opinon is that,if BS is anything like LOMAC.It will prevail for many years to come.LOMAC is the besy flight sim I have ever played to date!
  10. http://s217.photobucket.com/albums/cc280/hellcat77/?action=view&current=50caliber.flv
  11. Not to brag or anything,but I have a plastic model of this plane. I built it some time ago.I remember the instuction that came with it,had info[specs].It is based on a F-14,F-16 and the X-29.Its totaly a fictional aircraft.The plastic models manifacturer Revel released it as a future aircraft.Like the B-2,F-117 and the top secret stealth fighter.Revel made these to predict the future of USA aircraft,and some of them are pretty close to the real thing.My model dose not have bombs on it just missels.
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