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  1. Up close and personal... That's the way to do it :D :thumbup: ! Thanks for sharing the video.
  2. Isn't that the standard response of the Russian Navy when you try to land without asking permission ? :D
  3. AFAIK in Afghanistan the choppers and A10 are commonly used to provide air cover to ground troupes. So it really depends on the kind of missions that will be available: when there are lots of footsoldiers pinning your forces down in a village fast movers probably are not much use....
  4. I would stick to the helicopters. I've tried fixed wings and quickly found out they aren't my thing: - They don't turn, so in a dogfight the other is ALWAYS behind you - They don't hang still, by the time I've got my target in sight I'm crashing in to it (does work as a method of knocking them out though. AND it gets rid of another of those nasty fixed wings :D )
  5. Do they really slow down one rotor ? I thought they would change the angle of attack of the rotor blades (reducing on one rotor and increasing on the other to maintain same amount of lift) ?
  6. Imagine what would have happened if it was on autopilot... Would have been a nice surprise for the maintenance crew :D
  7. Thanks a lot ! Just what I was looking for :thumbup: ! I've downloaded it, printed it, read it, learned it by heart :smartass: ! (Or at least: I'm planning too :D For now I've only downloaded it......)
  8. Maybe it's time for a spectacular video of a ka-50 approaching it's target through the trees :joystick: ?
  9. What happens if you shoot friendlies ? In "Enemy Engaged", you get the benefit of the doubt the first few shots, but if you continue to hit friendlies they start shooting back (so I 'heard'. I wouldn't dream of shooting friendlies myself :music_whistling:).
  10. Just you wait Stalintc: One day you'll be flying multiplayer with all settings to realistic, Suddenly a heli comes in your sight, you fire, and again, but the heli isn't going down. Suddenly you realise I managed to make a crack so I can fly in game mode and am invincible :pilotfly:and you don't stand a chance....:surrender: Now all you have to do, is prove I'm cheating, or else everybody thinks you're just a sore loser:megalol: ps. this message will selfdestruct in 30 seconds :music_whistling:
  11. I fully understand lots of people are tempted by the thought of spending days on the tarmac, learning the startup sequence and trying to get of the ground without immediately crashing.... But I might consider using game mode to get a short introduction to the game before I start with the hard stuff (wouldn't be telling anyone though, bad for my reputation :smilewink:)
  12. I wish... Tyres that have a flat spot/deformation where they touch the ground. If the blackshark lands, you see the landing gear taking the weight, but the tyres seem to be of concrete... OK, I admit this is not HUGE, but it does ad some weight to the heli. Makes it feel more like it's 'standing' on the tarmac. A bit like this: (although this one seems to be sinking in the tarmac ;) )
  13. Thanks for the video Wags :thumbup: I noticed when you used the Shkval in 'manual' mode (from 4:40-5:00), the indicator in front of the aircraft didn't follow the selections you made in the pop-up box. While when you set it to 'auto' (from 5: 25 onward), it did. Shouldn't it also follow when you use the 'manual mode' :unsure:? The pop-up box is zoomed in on the target, which makes it difficult to see where, in the 'real world' your target is.
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