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  1. Does anyone know seeker characteristics for R-24T? Is it a similar seeker to R-60M's or is it based on something older/newer, or is it original? I wonder if it will be able to lock and launch at non rear aspect targets at longer ranges. Since big missile with IR seeker + IRST has always been a favorite combo for us when flying Flankers and Fulcrum, how capable was IRST on MiG-23MLA I wonder.
  2. That's my card, and I am enjoying my experience so far, however, I am not using DCS in VR, and people's experience with it in DCS seems to run the gamut: I've heard people enjoying DCS VR with ancient AMD 580 GPU, and those epxeriencing issues with 2080s... so who knows? (certainly not me lol) Worst case though, I think it should work in VR with graphics settings turned down low.
  3. Ah, you're right, I was wrong, checked what's said by ED so far on the module and S-5 is mentioned a few times indeed. Cool, I'll still lug them around every now and then for novelty, they may be like mosquitos in power, but there would be 128 of them on board
  4. Shturm missiles look ok, but not amazing, so perhaps they will see a refresh, perhaps not. But Atakas, when they arrive later, will be new I think, because right now even AI Mi-28s fire Shturms instead of them. At least it was last I checked them. As for the UB-32, the ones from MiG-21 do look rather good in my opinion, but the thing is, I don't think it will be among the weapons used by our Mi-24P. S-5 rockets were retired from helicopters by Russia quite a while ago as far as I know. That is why we don't have them on Mi-8MTV2 either, and latest we hear of developmet team seems li
  5. I think service entry for R-60M was 1982, I would think it would be more exception than norm for a Soviet MiG-29 to go into a mission with them instead of R-73 or R-60M. But it could be more of a thing for export operators early on perhaps.
  6. Heatblur said something to the effect of "we want to add these as AI objects to enhance/support experience of Viggen&F-14 modules, but we would possibly like to make them into modules in future if possible". Probably not even nearly verbatim of what was said, but that's the gist of it as I remember. And you are right, it's been years and they are not ready even as AI objects yet. One thing I know is that, I would personally LOVE them both as modules :P. Visually, F-5E has the "pointy nose", and F-5E-3 has the "shark nose" which apparently enhances flight characteristics i
  7. Hmm yeah something like that may happen even if in dev. I don't know of course, but think that F/A-18C and F-5E were cases where in progress model may have been added as an AI, while the more upgraded one as development continued became the module eventually. Though I seem to recall F-5E model update and F-5E-3 release were almost simultaneous, F-18 one was, as far as I recall a few years before the module. I would personally feel "yeah great more hints that F-4E isn't happening" if we get an AI update only.
  8. With all due respect Silver, your denial is hilarious especially when the post immediate follow yours, from an actual ED staff says that "most of the former Belsimtek team is still with us here in ED". They were acquired by ED, BST's plans/pipelines stopped, Hind was pushed years ahead, Cobra and Phantom were effectively put on ice, in favor of working on ED's own plans i.e. finishing the Hornet and making the Viper. There is no indication that BST plan and work a schedule of modules for themselves anymore independtly from ED. So yeah, they were, and are gobbled up from what I can see :). Th
  9. With many people having low capacity SSDs, and game installations (even just DCS installation by itself) getting monstrous in size, I think that idea is not only a good one, but more or less an essential one.
  10. At least an F-4E is essential, and I would prefer what I think was the mid 80s variant Belsimtek was about to develop before they were gobbled up by ED (which, in my opinion, was one of the worst things happened in DCS as far as I'm concerned, Belsimtek was making aircraft I like, and was doing them the way I like :P). It was an F-4E with the most advanced TGP available for it (though a massive, heavy, and draggy one), all the multirole goodness, Mavericks, self lased LGBs, TV guided bombs, anti radiation missiles, ARN-101 nav system. Though the immediate predecessor would work as well, as I t
  11. On top of that, they have two upcoming modules, F4U, their first warbird, and F-8J. So even if they really plan a Su-17, it would be quite some ways off from now. There is this: But from the looks, at least so far, the intention is the make a good looking AI mod. EDIT: No, looks like SVKSniper wants to mae a cockpit too! There was also this: And this one actually aims at becoming a full on module, but the last update was about a year ago, and it was 3d modeling. As with many such module creation attempts, this does not inspire a lot of confidence yet sadly.
  12. It can't. Later Mirage 2000-5 variants can carry MICA missiles under the hardpoints you speak of. Mirage 2000C however, carries 4 air to air missiles. Considering it is an early to mid 80s aircraft, it was more or less the standard for light to medium weight fighters to lug around 4-6 missiles, F-16, F-5, MiG-23, MiG-29, MiG-21, JA 37 etc all had 4-6 missiles, though Mirage is admittedly at the lower end with 4.
  13. Well that was the exact reason they gave for killing it in favor of F-16... I believe it was Wags saying that they believe F-16 will sell significantly more, but it's been 2-3 years now I guess, so I may be slightly off on who said what, but the gist was that F-4,Mi-24,and AH-1 were put on ice, and F-16 was given priority in development. We are finally getting the Mi-24, so I would like to hope same will happen for F-4E, but recent communication from ED, as well continued efforts to quickly release modern popular aircraft like AH-64 seems to hint otherwise. Well, at least AH-64 is somethi
  14. According to a much more recent quote from Kate Perederko, it appears to be as good as cancelled unfortunately. Simon Pearson, as far as I recall in the same interview you have quoted, said that century series are not in consideration at all too. It is clear ED has switched direction a few years ago to do all the most modern "crowd pleaser" that average customer will buy, and will sell more, unfortunately. Well at least we are finally getting the Hind sometime soonish...
  15. I have a vague recollection that Patriot in DCS being PAC-2 but don't quote me on that. Some years ago I had made a little mission to play with friends that included us in Su-25Ts against a lot of SAMs and Rolands were able to engage and shootdown Kh-25MP and Kh-58 missiles pretty good. And in general, Avengers were often scary against aircraft even if they can't engage incoming ordnance. One thing, not sure but as far as I know, no SAM in DCS can engage bombs, but some can engage missiles. Some glide bombs like JSOW's I think are considered as "missiles" in code and so
  16. I've meant Redeye and SA-7 themselves with older manpads, as we don't have them in DCS right now. I do think they should be added into DCS, and if they were in there would be more of an argument for including Lipa. As for Lipa vs SA-9, yeah I'm curious as well, perhaps it would work against it. Did Ataka enter service in 80s? I always thought its main intented launch platform was Mi-28, which was in development in 80s, but its real service entry had to be many, many years later. I think of it as developed in 80s, entered service in 90s. I may be wrong though.
  17. I think youtube can and do put ads on videos even if uploaders aren't monetizing them. So there may not be much to discuss here. Ads are annoying, but also a reality of our times
  18. Guys as far as I know those early IR jammers were barely any effective against Redeye and Strela-2 (SA-7). None of which even exists in DCS. Any IR missile currently in DCS will go "yeah, right whatever" when you activate it, perhaps apart from R-3S/AIM-9B. It really isn't like we are going to be missing a lot with its omission, if at all. Perhaps they can add it later on if demand is high, and older MANPADS are added to sim (which they really should have long ago imo). But for now let's cut them some slack until the release. Same goes for the UPK-23 as we will have a GSh-30K on bo
  19. I would also add Edge 540 mod by Virtual Air Racing Series if you are into crazy aerobatics/air racing experience. Finally there is an AH-6J flight model demo mod, which isn't as polished as some other high quality free mods like mentioned A-4, MB-339, and Edge 540, but is the only free helicopter experience so far. There's also one caveat about TF-51D, I wouldn't call it a fighter, because all its armament is stripped/disabled, so it is an unarmed Mustang. But it is full fidelity with clickable cockpit. While the Su-25T is fully combat capable, but doesn't have clickable cockpit. So
  20. Is there any translation/summary available anywhere? I did watch it but, naturally didn't understand much of anything lol.
  21. It's here, the way links work changed after forum engine update, so that would probably be why the link in first post here doesn't work.
  22. Yes, perfectly aware of that, and does not change my position in the least. My point is that F-4E still overtook naval F-4 in amonut of action it saw through decades, and all over the world, as well as in its "multiroleness". Taking a step back in tone, and trying to argue in a more constructive way... Yes, I too would absolutely love to get both a late-ish F-4E (but still an F-4E, not necessarily a Kurnass, Terminator, ICE, Peace Ikarus, EJ-Kai etc), as well as a good Naval F-4, preferrably also of similar vintage though, as I really believe 80's is a sweet spot for DCS so a J or S would
  23. WinterH


    LanceR, Bison, late J-7 variants, or an F-13. I'd get all of these. MiG-21 is one of the aircraft where you can't have enough versions modeled! Although, I can see LanceR and Bison being slightly on the difficult side to find needed information on, even though they are nearing end of their services. Or F-13 not selling enough to "where is the win button? what is this junk?" crowd. Well to be fair, even I wouldn't get F-13 full price. Magnitude have their hands full, with fixes/improvements for MiG-21, and development of F4U Corsair and F-8 Crusader. But I'd love Deka's next aircraf
  24. Picking just one is simply not possible for me. The ones I'd like seeing are: - Bf-109E-4/b,E-7/b,F-4,G-2 - Fw-190G and/or F (which may or may not be coming from ED) - Bf-110, probably G series with a multitude of ground attack options - A6M2 and/or A6M5 - Ki-43 - Aichi D3A - SBD Dauntless - F6F, a mid or late war variant - Spitfire I & II - Hurricane (ideally both a Battle of Britain fighter, and later war attacker, but former is more important) - A B-25 or A-26, with rockets and guns for direct attack capability in addtion to level b
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