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  1. Does Anyone knows how to fix this cockpit bug? he mods its amazing.. thanks!
  2. thank you very much for the work.. amazing for the comunity,, this mods, made us better day to day, thanks again team!!
  3. Thanks for your time, i "ve already installed the plugin on 3dmax 2016 so, .. I clicked "export" but nothing happens, just a flick screen, I don t know where the file will be exported.... Do you know?? Thanks my friends
  4. hi good day! i have a moddel in 3ds., so ! i want to export to EDM. I already have the pluggin instaled, but when i click on export, nothing happens, Thank you very much for your time!
  5. once i did the model, how can i export it to edm.? thanks
  6. thank you very much for your time , señor, muchas gracias por su tiempo. un abrazo, lo mantengo al tanto
  7. hi good day to all, first of all , thanks for the space, i wonder i i could get back the mod of the super etendar modernisé on dcs world 2.5.5, i have the lastest files, that would work on dcs 1.5.4, so, im trying to open the shape files (edm. and lods. ) , but i can´t get anything, attach some info at respect, scuses for my bad english. im getting this error lines onthe modelviewer2: 682.8252 WARNING EDCORE Source c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/ is already mounted to the same mount /models/. 682.8253 ERROR EDCORE Can't mount c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/textures. Drivers errors: 682.8253 ERROR EDCORE EDCDriver: there is no directory c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/textures.edc 682.8253 ERROR EDCORE FSDriver: there is no directory c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/textures 682.8253 ERROR EDCORE ZipDriver: Can't open zip archive c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/textures.zip. 682.8258 ERROR NGMODEL Can't load lod VSN_SEM.edm of model vsn_sem.lods. Reason: Wrong version of model file. 682.8260 ERROR NGMODEL Can't load lod VSN_SEM-collision.edm of model . Reason: Wrong version of model file. 682.8271 ERROR EDCORE Can't open file 'c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/vsn_sem.lods.ilv' from fs. 682.8271 ERROR EDCORE Can't open file 'c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/vsn_sem.lods.ilv' from fs. 682.8271 WARNING VIEWERCOMMON file c:/users/favio/desktop/mods dcs/vsn_sue-sm/shapes/vsn_sem.lods.ilv not found 682.8272 TRACE EFFECTS creating ODCSParticleSystem effect Also... i can´t open it with the 3d max 2016 thank you very much!! I ¨M disposed to do it from 0.
  8. does anyone have the cockpít with no bugs ?thanks
  9. VSN Super etendar ..Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thankyou. And for fix the keyboard binding...I relpaced all the input folder of dcs release to the dcs openbeta folder, and it didn't fix anything, what im doing wrong?
  11. Thats not the only problem... There is no more CCIPA simbolo on the last update.
  12. Hi good day, i have all the mirrors working fine in the other planes, i did repair, and deleted the metashareds / 2 and fsx folders, then i erase the su25t folder and repair, the problem persist, what could it be? i´m on OB version. 2.5.5 thank you very much
  13. Hi good morning, scuse me ,anyone knows where can i get the previous version of DCS 1.5.4? it is for flying the super etendar Mod, thank you very much!
  14. It s an amazing mod!! The su 30mk !! Thank you very much! Could yoy fix the damage model please? It s inmortal! Thank you very much.. Amazing mod.
  15. i have only one issue that i ve find on the air,,, the damage model looks like its inmortal, could it be? thanks
  16. how can i shoot the air to ground missiles? thanks
  17. increible skin mi amigo -- me lo compartes porfavor muy bueno! , there is a mod for super etendar for 2.5?? thanks!
  18. anyone flyable at the date? thanks!
  19. thanks for all Razor.. amazing! i would love to have a super etendar!
  20. thanks for sharing... there is some mod of playable Civilian Plane or C 130? thank you everyone
  21. thanks for your time sir!! it was just an idea, i thougth that it was workeable with the Lantirn..
  22. hi good morning! so the DD paterns is not available any more? i mean the ´´ pipper moving´´ on hud thanks!
  23. I think that this is the "mod" section buddy. Thanks
  24. Thanks i reactivate the post! You know if this sould work with the f 14 lua files? Thanks!. I see 2 lua files. F14.lua and weapons.lua. y shoul add this lines to them? Thanks again
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