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  1. Guess I don't understand why only those two. The A-10c is available under other coalition countries. The hardship is they way a mp mission uses a country to send audio and text messages to based on random tasking when using the A-10c. Trying to incorporate the A-10c II by changing the aircraft for that country (UK, Germany, Belgium, USA) and not having to rewrite/re-architect all the triggers.
  2. Should I list this under the bug section?
  3. I have updated Forces' mission to work with today's modules. I have modified it to have CVN (Supercarrier) operations and changed out some of the A-10C to the A-10C II, as well as AV8s, F5s, F/A-18, etc. I haven't updated the briefing very much or the images. There were a lot of triggers to go through and some inventory items to fix, but all my testing shows that it works with these different modules. Not sure If Force is still active in DCS (out there zooming and booming last I talked to him). I'd like to re-release it with his permission with updated aircraft. I haven't changed
  4. Creating a mission that uses countries for triggers and such and the A-10C II is only available for the USA even with the historic marker off. Is there a way to change that? Thank you for your time.
  5. Thank you for getting this fixed and all the work you have put into this! I'm going to have withdraws when I finish this campaign! When can we expect Declared Hostile? :smilewink: Just jabbin'
  6. I loaded the mission as a single mission to test. Let me know if I should try differently. Thanks again. I read the book and really enjoyed flying the missions and knowing the back stories. Bravo Zulu! I'm currently reading Declared Hostile.
  7. Thank you for the fast reply! I'll try it out now and report an update.
  8. Mission 7 is acting odd and seems the triggers aren't hit. DCS version Thank you.
  9. Mission 7 is acting odd for me as well. It doesn't seem to progress after WP1.
  10. A simple trick is to +2 -2 to the number to invert it. So using 353....3-2 is 1, 5+2 is 7, then tack on the last digit 3; 173 If you need to invert 128; 1+2=3, 2-2=0 so 308 Helped me when I was burning government fuel going 5-7 miles a minute. @Bankler Good job man grabbing the update now!
  11. Thank you for taking the time to update this mission Force! It's still one of my favorites, even playing solo. Stoner
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