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  1. Still broken Elmo... It's quicker to enter NSEC and TOT and fly 4 wpts than watch a track.. 6 mins ar 420knt GS....... It will be obvious very quickly past WP 1 that it is still broken
  2. I´ll give this a bump.... Has anyone worked out way of turning off the panel lights or other illumination controls other than by using your mouse - in other words an off function key binding or hack to the lua? Does anyone else find the panel lighting currently virtually useless... Kind Regards Chris
  3. CJS

    Pitch problems

    Hi Tony, I have no idea if the flight model resembles the real deal or not having no jet piloting experience but that said, to me, the Hawk pitch responses do not appear outside of my expectations. I use a TMWH but what make it work well for me is a 100mm extension I have added - zero curves for all models including the huey... Before, that I used curves of around 20 or so... Just after reading your post and before replying, I had a quick refresh on the hawk at 200, 300 & 400, after trimming level, it seemed good for me even holding the stick as it there was no extension fitted
  4. No problems JJ... Had a quick look..... In TARGET in the event screen set TYPE to HOLD for both DXs, save it, it will then work perfectly... DX codes unlike keyboard codes are OK to be in the ON state all the time unlike keyboard character codes... Enjoy, come back if you still cant get it working and I will fire across a vid or something.... Chris
  5. There you go, I stand corrected :doh: YOU DO HAVE keyboard codes for the flap function AND can you create one. But I would advise using DX wherever possible.
  6. Consider an AutoHotkey script which can be ained at a specific USB device button, say DX15 on the WH Throttle, and intiate a F15 or F16 call for TrackIR. Will be not be confused by another USB device. For me 1 button works both centre and pause......a short press for pause, longer for center.... Works well... even with TAGRET.. shout if stuck although there much in the forums and if not found I will get you sorted... if required.... :pilotfly: Kind Regards Chris.. :thumbup:
  7. GUI... I used DX22 & DX23 the defaults for the flaps but any spare DX assignment will be fine. In the HAWK there appears to be no keyboard codes for the flap function nor can you create one. Personally I have decided to leave Target until VEAO progress a little more with the project... If you are still having grief come back and I´ll keep you right. Chris
  8. TARGET / Combined map appears to work fine my end so far... In fact the FLAPS have been nicely implemented for the TMWG. Assign a DX to FLAPUP & another DX to FLAPDOWN - leave the FLAPMID vacant or assign a NULL event. The HAWK will see when... Flaps switch UP = FLAPUP DX ON = Flaps retracted Flaps switch MIDDLE = FLAPUP DX OFF & FLAPDWN DX OFF = Flaps Down 1st position Flaps Switch DOWN = FLAPDOWN DX ON = Flaps fully down on the 2nd position. Chris
  9. @VEAO Are switch assignments in the controls likely to stay ´as is´ for the SFM - in other words do I need to dig and modify lua files to get on/off functionality from some rather than mouse click? Are the dial lighting graphics and panel lights likely to be effective before EFM is released? Chris
  10. FPS aside (which incidentally jumps from 60FPS to 25FPS with emergency flood on and then to 12FPS:music_whistling: if you are lucky that is, when you switch on the panel light also... ) A few questions re Cockpit Lighting... Within CONTROLS there are bindings for the Emergency Flood and Panel Lights but they only mimic Switch ON - release of an assigned DX key does not result in a OFF function nor is there another binding to turn OFF? Is this WIP or SFM or Me?:huh: The center panel adjustable lighting representation looks uneven with some parts overbright and others unreadable no matte
  11. Yes I do.. But in honest feedback, on further examination I find the cockpit graphics fall well short of the standards seen in my other models including the beta´s - in fact at the risk of creating a maelstrom of response I would say that they appear amateurish by comparison... but then this is a beta and I bought it to support its development... long may it continue... Kind Regards Chris
  12. I have A10C, Ka-50, P51D, UH-1h, Fw190 D9 products and Mi-8MTV2 and F-86F Sabre which are Beta´s and now the Hawk. My views... Never used a SFM model in DCS before and before purchase I was a bit apprehensive about the simulation aspect - of course not a Hawk pilot - but after a few hours I’m now happy, to me all seems fine at least in the basics. Realising that this is early Beta initial impressions regarding landing touchdown and rollout / ground handling are that is is very simplified but probably to be expected with SFM.. The graphics of the cockpit panels and controls appear t
  13. Certainly I’m no expert but a chance viewing of a elderly WW2 pilot taking off in a refurbished Spitifre helped me with the P51 and FW109 DCS aircraft a lot. In the video the camera was positioned above and behind the pilot. On initial take off run, to keep on the center, he used full rudder in short jabs, on / off on/off on/off repeatedly as required.. No gradual application or holding the rudder but full deflection and then off and then full on again and straight away off, if needed etc etc As the speed increased of course the amount of deflection is reduced until the tail lifts and
  14. Briefly, For me.... Copy existing DCS/Config somewhere safe ... etc... For restore purposes if necessary... . "Save input file to…C:\Users\Owner\Saved Games\DCS\Config...Replace existing Input file with current...." does not achieve anything. Within DCS main screen / options / controls / aircraft / You need to load each profile separately, jostick... Throttle etc... And these can be done by pointing the load file prompt to the extraction directory... even this procedure can be confusing, see previous post this thread PimpFinger... Loading profiles can not be done from the control
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