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  1. Hi mate, Sorry for the delay. Give this a try, I'm not sure if it's set up properly as it was ages ago I used it in LOMAC. This should give you colour correction and custom palette ability though. enb.rar
  2. I believe that it will only work if you use the enbconverter which basically tacks on some direcx 9 features onto directx 8. I have got it to work in LOMAC but the performance hit is terrible. I've tried various d3d9.dll's but they all cost a serious amount of frames compared to the d3d8 tht allows bloom. I'll post it up tomorrow anyway to let you try it for yourself. Good news though, LOMAC 2.0 is just around the corner and it's DX9, so we can have all the full features of the DX9 version of enb without the performance cost with enbconverter.
  3. Looks excellent mate, kinda like Tileproxy. What tutorial did you use to make this? I'd like to spend some time maybe making some terrain.
  4. I haven't flown in ages but what I used to do with the 25T to cancel the trim was use the emergency leveling mode autopilot for a second or 2, I think it's ALT-3 to engage/disengage it. It's not a proper trim cancel but it's probably about as close as you're gonna get on the 25t as it automatically trims the aircraft for level flight.
  5. I missed that update Exelsior thanks for filling me in. Here's the DX9 version for any of the Black Shark beta testers that would like to try and play around with it. Hopefully all the features should work, like colour saturation, motion blur, ambient occlusion and hopefully the water and shadows too. Im not saying they will all work because they don't all work in rFactor or GTR2 but it's worth a try for the colour saturation at least. enbseries_gtasa_v0074f.zip
  6. That terrain looks amazing Grandsurf and the balance of light and contrast looks good too, is that your own tweaked .ini? Out of Curiosity do any of the Black Shark beta testers know if it uses Directx9? ( if that information is not classified :) ) if it does then it could use the newer DX9 version of this mod which has all the features enabled, if it is DX8 then it will obviously still work just like this one. I emailed the Author of the ENBseries file and asked him if we could have the DX8 version of this file with more features enabled which would allow for more precise editing of th
  7. What about these 2 images? Here try out this tweaked .ini file and see what you think of it in motion, it's still needs some fixes here and there but it's a good start, much more subtle than the first one I posted and the light adapts much better rather than exploding it changes quicker and but gentler. enbseries.rar
  8. Yes thats whats also very cool about this mod, not only can you adjust bloom levels but also colour saturation and gamma levels and darkening etc... Look check out this comparison shot, again, it's a bit extreme to illustrate the effect but damn it just looks so bloody good. And if you must you can disable bloom and still adjust the colours, but a tiny little bit of bloom used subtly gives that extra little bit of immersion. Imagine what someone who really knows about colour and gamma levels could do with this, someone like Glowing Amraam should be able to dial a cracking .ini to great eff
  9. It's not my mod as I stated in first post, It was a file that I found for a totally different game and I realised that it might work in Lockon. I'm well aware of the differences between High Dynamic Range lighting and bloom but I also know that not everyone else does and/or often confuse them. But I try not to be a smart arse about it. Lets hope it has a happy ending then eh? :D
  10. Directx mate, I dont think OGL would work with this as it's .dll as it's a directx specific file.
  11. Motion blur isn't working in this version, Im pretty sure that it has been disabled as well as a couple of other features. The guy who made the mod says that he may release an updated version of the directx8 .dll that we are using with more features enabled so hopefully we'll see that soon.
  12. It works in Fs9, FSX, iL2, I still have to try it in a few others. You need the dx9.dll for fs9, if you need it let me know.
  13. The problem with the Hangars can be resolved by setting the plugin so that it doesn't startup by default, then once you are out the hangar press Shift+backspace and it will kick in. Just change this line in the enbseries.ini GLOBAL] UseEffect=1 change it to GLOBAL] UseEffect=0 Then as soon as you're out the Hangar hit shift+backspace.
  14. I think it's just Bloom Yoda.
  15. I managed to get my flaming cliffs install up and running and it's just too damn nice, My resolution problem is gone in FC. Still haven't even got my stick set up, I've been getting chauffeured around on Auto pilot taking in the sights with TIR... Needless to say the stick will be coming back into action tomorrow :D Just for reference you can switch the mod on and off in sim by holding shift+backspace so you can see the difference. I don't think any of the other mods work that are included with this such as the water shader and the reflection mod and ambient occlusion as I think they're DX9
  16. Couple of unedited shots of the Boris Vorontsov's HDR mod at work in Lockon. A little extreme but I haven't tweaked out the config yet so it will become more subtle.
  17. A big hello to the Lomac community, I've not been flying for a while as I've been spending what little time I have on rFactor and Live for Speed, which has led me to a pretty cool discovery. Someone recently found that a Directx modification for Grand theft Auto made by a rather clever chap named Boris Vorontsov also works in rFactor, GTR2 and Richard burns. I noticed there was a directx8 version of the mod so I tried it in Live for Speed and it worked, then it struck me that Lockon was also DX8 so I tried it and it only bloody worked in Lomac too didn't it. :megalol: Now I've not be
  18. Yea stage6 can be slow at times but the quality is good when it works. heres some screen grabs http://s175.photobucket.com/albums/w140/bramski/
  19. I've been using a program called tileproxy for fsx. It's freeware and it streams google earth (yahoo, virtual earth etc..) images into fsx in realtime. Makes for some superb sightseeing flights. http://stage6.divx.com/user/Bramski/videos/
  20. Im on a hiatus from flight simming at the moment and my steering wheel has been taking up deskspace, these shots make me wanna pack up the wheel and crack open the Cougar box :D
  21. It's games like these that attract people to the flight sim genre. When I first started out with Driving games I thought need for speed was good. Then when I discovered simulations that were much more intricate I found myself gravitating more towards them, now I only really play non simulations on my Xbox360 which is what I'll be doing when AC6 is released :) Don't forget the fun factor folks.
  22. You've gotta be a Rangers man Jono :D
  23. Wraparound LCD glasses, now that would be cool :)
  24. http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/rabies/Bats_&_Rabies/bats&.htm
  25. How much light filtering are you using with your TIR, I find that once light filtering goes over 100 you get some screen shake. I fly mainly in the evening/night so I put light filtering to 40 and get zero screen shake.
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