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  1. I don't hate reinstalll OS, i just hate all those updates! Everytime I reinstall, I need to repatch around 100 updates....:(
  2. Just update my rig too, C2D E4300 OC 3.0G $116 Stock Heatsink and fan 2X1G Corsair XMS2 6400C4 $110 MoBo: Gigabyte DS3 P965 $100 Video : 7600GT $110 (a bit slow, I know, :) PSU: Ultra Xfinity 600W: free after Rebate: Pay $12 for shipping Case: Free after rebate HD: From old rig, no extra fee So the total is $448. Not sure how much in GBP.
  3. As what I read from FW, they are working toward Alpha now. So nothing big to show off now. Let's just give them our good wishes and keep our patience. Give these guys more time and space to breath.
  4. When I got more money, I might choose a cougar with a force sensor mod. It would be great to play Falcon4 with a cougar. My x52 only last less than one year without very intensive use. X52 is still a very nice stick. But CH is more linear, accurate, with more powerful script function. And also I like its military looking.
  5. switch from X52 to CH Hotas, no coming back for me.
  6. The next thing we should do is mount rockets and gun on that airplane, then we can begin a virtual Dogfight in the air!!!:megalol:
  7. I purchase my FC from gogamers.com (or gogamer.com? nevermind) They carry a lot rare sim games. Such as IL2 1946 which usually would not be found in any local stores.
  8. I like Slash, some of his solo are really great
  9. For that, I will choose a Head-wearing Display with TrackIR support, cheaper, no frame and where you look at is actually where you look at.
  10. I hope one day this will be combined with TB, especially in Falcon4, those Big MFD and surrounding buttons, oh, and ICP
  11. just got mine, now eagerly waiting the screen overlay to arrive. TB is cool! :thumbup:
  12. It's a kind of FPS+RPG style, open ending. This game had been postponed numerous times... finally, it's done.
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