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  1. Looking really good Top stuff
  2. Hi Oubaas, I gave your suggestion a try.....unfortunatley turning 'motion smoothing' off didn't help much but worth a try. Many thanks for the tip.
  3. Found two heli pads not in the .miz file..... 200' 0.6nm from Adana main hospital:)
  4. Hi Folks, Sorry for my negative sounding first post. The product of a very grey lockdown covid type day. Thanks to anyone who has given positive feedback regardless. I'm glad not everyone is getting this issue. if you look at the feedback that mnemonic has had about his work I'm not the only one getting this problem. User Files (digitalcombatsimulator.com) I'm sure I've seen posts about this sort of thing pop-up from time to time. I was holding my breath waiting for him to work his thing with the others.
  5. All the helicopters in DCS suffer a huge fps hit due to the Blades. Unfortunately this makes them unflyable. This mod:-https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310696/ makes only the UH1 flyable in VR. Will the Hind be the same?
  6. Hi Folks, Shu77 sent me over here to report a Heli base I found:- Heli base 078' 2.9 nm from the northern end of the runway at Bassel AL Assad airfield Syria. Wow I didn't know about this thread. Its Saturday morning and I've now got loads to spend the day exploring! Many thanks for this people:) Edit:- From the download file I think it's already known......but hey heads up everyone:) let's keep looking..... 2nd edit:- quite excited about having already made my 1st supply mission (attached). Anybody else got a
  7. Hi Shu77. That's great! Where is that thread? I can't find it Edit : I found it! That gives me loads more to work with big thanks.
  8. Yeah sorry hiob my vr screenshot isn't the best but there is a heli pad there :)
  9. Hi folks, I found a really nice little base 078' 2.9 nm from the northern end of the runway at Bassel AL Assad airfield Syria. Pic attached. Has anybody found any other little gems like this elsewhere? (on any map??? so why has this been moved to Syria section of the forum from 2.5 Gen?????)
  10. Hi Sirrah, No, have kept it named correctly in the files. Thanks.
  11. Hi Folks, I cant get this to work? Ive attached my amended file, does anyone know where i'm going wrong? Running valve index. I get cockpit shadows but still get shadows around the island on the super carrier with shadows set to high? Many thanks. shadowsadjusted.lua
  12. Hi Glyn, I sometimes find that some things work in the save games folder but not in the main DCS install folder and vise a versa. I have attached my 'autoexec' file. If you dont have one you have to make one. Put this file in your save games folder:- Users/name/saved games/DCS/config/autoexec.cfg Run DCS then shut it down and change the 'options' entry to 'false'. I could not get this to work from the main DCS folder but it worked from the saved games folder. If cycling the mssa wont clear it maybe this will do it like it did for me? Glad to hear you got it sorted 'M
  13. Hi IronMike, Thanks for the tip...yes the master reset did the job! I now have auto wing sweep. I normally start with the engines running and never had to use that before. Many thanks for your help. Hope you and the team keep well.:)
  14. Hi Folks, I'm having this problem but uninstall/reinstall has not fixed it? The only way I can move the wings forward is to use manual. Auto not working for me. Anybody got any ideas? Many thanks.
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