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  1. I don't understand your question. IFF is just a radio wave transmission, so what would prevent this system working in the general sense? I always said that whether a specific ESM system could pick up a specific IFF was down to the specifics of each system, which are usually unknown. Okay, in terms of proof, this is as close as you will likely get on an internet forum. https://www.strategicfront.org/forums/threads/rafale-rb-of-indian-air-force-news-and-discussions.3/post-168303 https://www.strategicfront.org/forums/members/picdelamirand-oil.23/#about http://t
  2. Phase interferometry is the method SPECTRA uses but there are other methods with varying levels of accuracy. Phase interferometry uses the phase different between the wave hitting adjacent elements of the array to geolocate the source. https://basicsaboutaerodynamicsandavionics.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/rwresm-and-passive-geolocation/
  3. I'm talking about real life not DCS. This is the Reality section. DASS and SPECTRA can pick up RF signals beyond normal radar frequencies, whether they can pick up a given IFF is anyone's guess but it's theoretically possible, I would imagine the F-35 system can do the same. Could you tell me why you think it isn't possible?
  4. Modern RWRs aren't really RWRs they're ESMs, they do pick up more than radar and have several methods of geolocation, the best being phase interferometry. Whether they could pick up a given IFF depends on the sophistication of that system and how well it hides in the background noise.
  5. Combat Tree could do it back in the Vietnam War, so I'd be very surprised if newer systems can't.
  6. What about increased g-tolerance like on The Expanse?
  7. Someone's backside is going to be in a sling after they're through with the disciplinary procedures.
  8. BETAB-500? https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/betab-500.htm
  9. Yup. SA-2s could do this and the systems on an SR-71 could pick up the radar talking to the missile. It was only when the missile replied that they knew it was a real launch. A pilot tells a story of this happening over the Korean DMZ in the '70s, the video is somewhere on YouTube.
  10. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1280144433371967488
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