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  1. I knew one day I'd have a post here :D Serial: 45881 Location: Maryland, USA Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Got me a shiny new Warthog! Thanks Santa! Also got one of those fancy wireless chargers for my phone. Technology these days is crazy, even I'm starting to feel old looking back at my childhood! :joystick: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!
  3. I've used my mobile device for browsing the forums without tapatalk, and I whenever I try to search the forums on my Galaxy S6, I tap the search button, but once I tap the text entry box my keyboard shows up then immediately dissapears. I never had this issue with my old iphone. Anyone else have this issue? I've even tried using a mouse with the OTG cable and got the same result. Should I just use tapatalk? I'd hate to download an app for forums since this is the only forum I'm on, plus the forum layout tends to work fine on mobile... most of the time at least. Thanks!
  4. I think aside from their general ease of use, the best thing FC3 style planes bring is their accessability to those of us without a quality HOTAS. Its for that reason I fly the A-10A over the C (Though I'm getting a warthog for christmas! :joystick: ). For this reason I am for more FC3 level planes, as long as they have better than a SFM!
  5. I've never owned one, but the Thrustmaster Cougar is based off the F-16 HOTAS. Could that throttle be better suited to your needs? Maybe someone who owns the cougar would have a better opinion.
  6. I have the trackir pause functiom mapped to a button on my mouse. If you have a "gaming" mouse with extra buttons I highly reccomend this. I also have the trackir recenter key mapped to my mouse as well. This works quite well, since you have to grab your mouse to interact with the cockpit.
  7. Greetings fellow Marylanders! I'm about a half hour west of Baltimore myself. Rarely ever get to see the cool stuff fly over :(
  8. I have pause and center mapped to programmable buttons on my G502 mouse. Very convienent!
  9. Assassin's Creed III REALLY didn't like any of my flight sim gear. But usually I only have slight annoyances that can be solved by disabling it in game or centering my throttle. But I do know your pain! Occasionally at least.
  10. Your list has a problem, I don't see Roger Daltrey or Mick Jagger on that list!:smartass: I quite Like Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull as well, but maybe not top 5.
  11. Never tried attaching Images before... Hope I didn't screw up too bad! :thumbup:
  12. I'm sure the first thing most of us will do is slam headfirst into a tree at full speed ...In game that is. Then I'm doing some Flights outta Nellis in an F-15, With aggressor camo of course!! :beer:
  13. Haven't finished watching it yet, really cool so far! "When he and a partner shot down a record number of Iraqi tanks" Oh Journalists...
  14. We have an ejector seat don't we? :music_whistling:
  15. You're probably better off not flying with me, a lot of my flights end up as smoking holes in the ground! When I aim for the runway my landings in the F-15 are smooth as butter though! :thumbup:
  16. Maybe with multicrew? Might be awkward. :joystick:
  17. I'll be there!! First airshow I'll have been too. Can't wait!!! :pilotfly::thumbup:
  18. This was the first video game I ever played. Was too young to understand how to turn so I did barrel rolls into mountains. The first flight sim I ever really played was IL-2 Sturmovik, Birds of prey. These games had a lot more polygons than some of you guys' firsts...
  19. Furious 7 had a Silver X52 in it. If you look in the trailer you can see the throttle for a second.
  20. I Thought it was Read the F**king Manual, but your guess is as good as mine! As for manuals, A quick google search for "DCS Huey Manual" and you should be able to find a nice pdf. That's always worked for me when I need a DCS manual! Good luck! -Mtn98
  21. Yeeeeeah!!! Super pumped! :thumbup::thumbup:
  22. Make sure you turn the starter off after the engine starts up! That got me every time until I figured it out. Happy flying! :pilotfly:
  23. How do you pronounce "Pitot"? I've always said it like "pit-it" but i've heard "pee-toe" as well.
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