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  1. Ahhh yes, with an extension I would image the base buttons would be rather challenging to use. Mine is not extended however so the 4 base buttons are just as accessible as they were on the stock FFB2.
  2. I'm not entirely sure I understand the question, But the FLCS has 4 hats, a dual stage trigger and 4 other buttons, so has significantly more buttons than the Default FLCS grip. I also have the 4 buttons on the MSFFB2 base. If you mean did I lose the buttons on the original grip? Then yes, I did. Someone with a lot more intelligence than me could probably rewire them and stick some switches into the ffb2 base, but I was happy with just the buttons on the FLCS stick.
  3. Dirt 4 has just been announced, sequel to Dirt 3 but will be a simulator like Dirt Rally. Some Improvements include the Return of Buggies and Trucks, As well as a procedural Stage generator, which should solve Dirt Rally's problem of a lack of content!! Also revamped Damage, aerodynamics, tires, and some other modeling I can't remember. I absolutely loved Dirt Rally, It got me interested in an awesome Motorsport that is unfortunately not very popular here in the US, So to say I'm excited for this would be an understatement!
  4. Is that a TM X-fighter grip? Hows it feel? My FLCS grip is pretty plasticy feeling, which may be good for lightweight ffb purposes, but still.
  5. MS FFB2 + TM FLCS Grip, and a KW-908 jetseat. Its Awesome!!!!!!! :joystick::pilotfly::joystick::pilotfly:
  6. I don't understand the context here, but yay exhausts! Mmmmmm... Boxer
  7. Mine has two Connectors coming out of it, I've attached a picture below. They look about right, but the picture you linked is a little blurry. I'll admit I'm not familiar with older connectors (These predate my own existence!) I bought it off Ebay with an FLCS (The FLCS was gutted for a Msoft Sidewinder mod) So I don't have a box. I have no way to test it either, so It'd be quite the gamble. If you are interested, feel free to PM me. EDIT: Also went ahead and uploaded a picture of the throttle
  8. I have a wcs mkII. Will that work?
  9. I don't know about the gunfighters "Clutch" but if it were between a regular spring joystick and an ffb one I'd go with the ffb any day. Force trim with ffb is significantly easier than the spring joysticks "press trim button then quickly center your stick" method. As for effects, you won't feel much, other than your Force Trim turning on and off. PS just saw your 6dof with VR setup, thats insane!!!! What I wouldn't give to have one of those... :pilotfly:
  10. I wish my school taught flight simulators! I Would have "aced" that class! :smartass:
  11. Super interested in this! Never done any naval stuff in the Huey, should I be practicing?
  12. Bug report: Small creatures found living inside shirt. Causing uncomfort and people no longer like to be around me. Steps to reproduce: don't wash for several days
  13. January is here! Starting strong with a classic Spitty :thumbup:
  14. Whoops I missed it! Happy Late birthday!
  15. Since the conversation has taken a Kershaw-y Turn I'll chime in with my Favorite folder, the "Blackout" 1550ST But I almost exclusively carry a Leatherman Wave, obviously not good for as a weapon (It would take far too long to draw/open) But its usefulness as a tool is unparalleled. At some point I gotta pick up a Ka-Bar, or a Bayonet of some kind. Big knives are fun :D
  16. Yeah I wouldn't wear the Tuskeegee one either, its too nice!! Only hats I have are Camo ones, I may need to change that after seeing yours :) And of course I had to go back and pick up that Calendar. Does anyone even use paper Calendars anymore? I just wanted to look at the pretty pictures! Very high quality, gonna have to cut some out. And the P-51 is may, got my favorite plane for my B-day month!
  17. Yep. not gonna be doing much reading on these forums for a little while.. EDIT: Every time the page refreshes I have to break them all again... I hope ED is taking a tally somewhere of how many lights we're breaking, I'd love to see it.
  18. Saw this at the Mall today. Woulda bought it but I realised I'd forgotten my Wallet :music_whistling: I guess this is the closest to DCS Merch we'll be able to get! Hahaha. I also noticed that the Style of Writing under the picture does look a bit like the kind of Logo's we see on DCS modules. Very interesting.
  19. I'd love to give it to a friend who's getting into DCS. He's currently running the T.flight hotas I sold to him. I see a bright future in his piloting adventures! :pilotfly:
  20. Wow! That looks awesome! Maybe a Christmas present for myself...
  21. The real question is why you're shooting at civilian buses! :lol:
  22. I ordered your Paddle switch for the FLCS and everything is working fine, but I did need to file down an area to make it fit in the grip. I can't exactly measure how much I filed off, but I did use a sharpie to mark the area I filed on the original paddle (as your paddle is currently installed on the stick) It took only a small bit of filing, must have been just a hair too thick.
  23. Is Simshaker working in DCS 1.5.5? I have no effects. 2.0 over Nevada is working without issue. EDIT: Nevermind I had a look in the Simshaker for aviators thread and saw the fix
  24. So I picked up a Microsoft Sidewinder FFB2 and a Thrustmaster FLCS on fleabay for a decent price and decided I'd do this classic mod. Theres a good bit of information on the web about how to do this, But I wanted to make the ultimate guide for all who wish to do this mod, combining all the info I gathered plus my own experiences. I will update this thread as I work on the project. First lets go over my Materials; Microsoft Sidewinder FFB2, found on Ebay for $38 including shipping. Thrustmaster FLCS hotas; Found on Ebay for $50.07 including shipping A Teensy 2.0 Board; found on amazon for $25.96 including shipping I also ordered some pins for the Teensy, But they won't be coming until December so I'll see if I can do without them. Before Any of the packages even came I went ahead and gathered the code for the Teensy. I downloaded the Arduino IDE software https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software and grabbed the code needed. This can be found in many places, but I'll add it in here as well. /* USB FLCS Grip You must select Joystick from the "Tools > USB Type" menu */ // Buttons are muxed into shift registers, use the SPI protocol to read them #include <SPI.h> const int slaveSelectPin = 0; unsigned int buttonInputs1; // data read from SPI unsigned int buttonInputs2; unsigned int buttonInputs3; // Use some macros to clean things up #define S3 !(buttonInputs1 & 0x80) /* Pinky Switch */ #define TG1 !(buttonInputs1 & 0x40) /* Trigger 1 */ #define TG2 !(buttonInputs1 & 0x20) /* Trigger 2 */ #define S1 !(buttonInputs1 & 0x10) /* Nose Wheel Steering */ #define S4 !(buttonInputs1 & 0x08) /* Paddle Switch */ #define S2 !(buttonInputs1 & 0x04) /* Pickle */ #define H1D !(buttonInputs2 & 0x80) /* Trim */ #define H1R !(buttonInputs2 & 0x40) #define H1U !(buttonInputs2 & 0x20) #define H1L !(buttonInputs2 & 0x10) #define H4U !(buttonInputs2 & 0x08) /* CMS */ #define H4L !(buttonInputs2 & 0x04) #define H4D !(buttonInputs2 & 0x02) #define H4R !(buttonInputs2 & 0x01) #define H3D !(buttonInputs3 & 0x80) /* DMS */ #define H3R !(buttonInputs3 & 0x40) #define H3U !(buttonInputs3 & 0x20) #define H3L !(buttonInputs3 & 0x10) #define H2D !(buttonInputs3 & 0x08) /* TMS */ #define H2R !(buttonInputs3 & 0x04) #define H2U !(buttonInputs3 & 0x02) #define H2L !(buttonInputs3 & 0x01) // setup() runs once on boot void setup() { // set the slaveSelectPin as an output: pinMode (slaveSelectPin, OUTPUT); // start the SPI library: SPI.begin(); // configure the joystick to manual send mode. This gives precise // control over when the computer receives updates, but it does // require you to manually call Joystick.send_now(). Joystick.useManualSend(true); } // loop() runs for as long as power is applied void loop() { // take the SS pin low to select the chip digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin,LOW); // send a value of 0 to read the SPI bytes buttonInputs1 = SPI.transfer(0x00); buttonInputs2 = SPI.transfer(0x00); buttonInputs3 = SPI.transfer(0x00); // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip: digitalWrite(slaveSelectPin,HIGH); // Write to joystick buttons Joystick.button(1, TG1); Joystick.button(2, S2); Joystick.button(3, S3); Joystick.button(4, S4); Joystick.button(5, S1); Joystick.button(6, TG2); Joystick.button(7, H2U); Joystick.button(8, H2R); Joystick.button(9, H2D); Joystick.button(10, H2L); Joystick.button(11, H3U); Joystick.button(12, H3R); Joystick.button(13, H3D); Joystick.button(14, H3L); Joystick.button(15, H4U); Joystick.button(16, H4R); Joystick.button(17, H4D); Joystick.button(18, H4L); //Joystick.button(19, H1U); //Joystick.button(20, H1R); //Joystick.button(21, H1D); //Joystick.button(22, H1L); // Determine Joystick Hat Position int angle = -1; if (H1U) { if (H1R) { angle = 45; } else if (H1L) { angle = 315; } else { angle = 0; } } else if (H1D) { if (H1R) { angle = 135; } else if (H1L) { angle = 225; } else { angle = 180; } } else if (H1R) { angle = 90; } else if (H1L) { angle = 270; } Joystick.hat(angle); // Because setup configured the Joystick manual send, // the computer does not see any of the changes yet. // This send_now() transmits everything all at once. Joystick.send_now(); } Don't ask how any of that works.. I failed Computer Science senior year. I'm just hoping it works without issue. I saved the program, and left it on my desktop. We'll need that later. Next the Sidewinder came. I plugged it in, made sure everything worked and had some fun flying around in various Modules. FFB is fun! a few days later we got the FLCS and the Teensy. We don't need the teensy yet, So we'll leave that in the bag and keep it in a safe place. The first thing I noticed was four screws right at the base of the grip, So I unscrewed those hoping the grip would pop right out. Its never that easy.. I screwed those back in and had a look at the underside of the base. Ahh, the old "Hide the screws under the rubber feet" trick. I popped them off with my knife and unscrewed them. Popping the bottom off, we find the gimbal as well as some old looking circuit boards. Cool! The pitch gimbal popped off without effort. As you can see in the previous picture the wires (which we need to wire into the teensy) as zip tied to that axis. We cut the zip tie and the axis pops right off. We also cut the wires for the grip, I cut them as close to the circuit board as I could. Figured we'd need the extra slack. The other gimbal didn't co-operate so well. I cut it with some Wire cutters and we were able to slip the grip out from the base, Success! Oh, and those four screws on the top of the base? those needed to come out after all. That bottom part of the shaft has a pin through it, and parts sticking out, so we carefully sawed off that part making sure not to harm the wires inside Well. We've made good progress so far! Tomorrow I'll be going inside the Sidewinder to remove the old grip and attach the new one. I've become rather fond of it in the short period I've known it, so opening it up will take some courage. After that We'll be soldering the teensy up, programming it and sticking it somewhere in the base of the sidewinder. Some people put the teensy in the FLCS grip, but I saw no need to open the stick grip up. I hope this guide helps a lot of people out once It's complete! I also hope at least a few people enjoy following along with me in this little adventure. And if you have any advice, please do share! I can use all the help I can get!
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