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  1. I'd love a Vietnam map more than anything. My Huey needs her playground!
  2. Agreed, I think I've read all his books. I quite like his writing style, fairly casual and humorous, enjoyable to read. The Hunter Killers is probably one of my favorites, Its about the first Wild Weasels in Vietnam. Lords of the Sky is quite god as well, encompassing almost every era of combat flight "From the Red Baron to the F-16" If you interested in something different, his novel The Mercenary is an interesting fictional story, Although be warned theres actually very little flying in that book.
  3. Surprised no one has said this, but Black! I personally have a black Tshirt draped ver my Jetseat so it blends in with my chair. I love my jetseat but the orange is a little tacky.
  4. Funny enough, I only just got around to watching this the other day, Outstanding movie!! :clap_2::clap_2::clap_2::clap_2:
  5. I second this!!! his joystick reviews are absolutely excellent.
  6. Currently at work, but if i remember when I get home I'll try to see if i can get it jsgme set up and uploaded to User Files EDIT: I'd imagine i'm probably not allowed to upload liscensed music, I'd just upload the picture Edit Again: Heres the image I used, simply rename it to "base-menu-window.png" and drop it here, \DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Skins\1\ME
  7. Playing around with the Main menu themes, I quite like how this looks. I also replaced the Theme song with CCR's "It Came Out of the Sky", although its a little weird since I replaced the "loop" file, meaning it still starts with the huey theme, them goes silent for a second before CCR starts up, but oh well.
  8. Hate to say it, but this cover might just be better than the original. This one is much more energetic, emotional. Damn good song.
  9. Just finished reading, excellent book! Compliments Chickenhawk very well showing a comparison between Gunship and Slick pilots. Also got me into playing around with our Gunship version of the huey we have in sim. That didn't go very well. I'll stick with the Tight LZ's and not being able to shoot back!
  10. Not counting airshows (I've only been to one), Seeing military aircraft over my house is a very rare occurrence. Coincidentally however, Yesterday 4 Marine Cobras (according to a neighbor at least, I only saw 2) flew over my house, and IT WAS AWESOME. The house shook, The Dual rotors whop-whopped as they beat the air, and I had a massive shit-eating grin on my face as I ran outside to watch!! I then proceeded to go inside and fly the Huey around with my headphones cranked.. It just wasn't the same!
  11. Probably the Huey, because that map is gonna look soooo sexy low & slow. Plus I just like the Huey a lot...
  12. Wow very impressive!! My "Rebuild" was a mess of paracord attaching the jetseat to my chair.
  13. One of the tags for that article was "Missile Porn" And I'm not okay with that. :huh:
  14. Normally I'd agree, although with DCS it'd be more of Master of one (Flight), but with a few jacks thrown in too :thumbup:
  15. Shipping out to Air Force BMT on April 25th. 1A231!
  16. Friday has 6 letters, Falcon also has 6 letters. DCS F-16 release confirmed for friday?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HYPE.
  17. I've gotten stuck on Infantry before, but never been able to carry one around!
  18. The AAF Camo in Arma 3 is damn near Identical, I was quite amused first time I had a texture bug in DCS!
  19. If no one else can help I can try sticking the jetseat in my car, as I have racing seats there :) But given the mess of paracord I have attaching the jetseat to my deskchair (Its a big executive chair I got on sale, so the original straps were a little short) I'd prefer to NOT have to redo all that! So hopefully someone else will be able to answer your question :thumbup:
  20. On the preorder page you mention a "fabric military style cover". Will this be a slip on cover that would work for regular jetseats? I'd be interested in that sold separately. Also wondering if there'd be some other kinds of upgrades possible for owners of the original jetseat?
  21. Try checking the "Trap" box for that hotkey. I think that should solve your issue.
  22. Just Remembered its February, I need to flip my Calendar! The Fi 156 Storch. Never heard of it until now, It was a German Liaison aircraft.
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