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  1. Well.. I feel pretty dumb for not noticing that... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  2. Honestly its not terribly difficult. I'm not super DIY oriented (Though I'm trying to be) and I could do it. Its really a matter of plucking off the old FFb2 grip, sticking on the CH grip, soldering the CH grip wires to an Arduino Teensy board (Thats the hardest part) and copy pasting the code for the teensy. I could do it, I'm sure you could too. You may need to recruit the help of someone to solder though, the pins are pretty small and require some skill. Theres the wiring diagram And the code can be found a few posts down in the thread you linked, I'd copy it into here but I'm on mobile and my phone isn't playing nice with the code spoiler feature. All you need is some creativity on how to attach the grip. My solution was quick and dirty, I Simply wrapped a few layers of duct tape around the post of the FFB2's actual stick and held on the new grip with friction. I intend to improve that with a 5 pin connector and thread like the TM Warthog uses once I'm back home. The wires run down the post and the arduino is taped to the inner wall of the base. I cut another hole in the base and ran the Arduino's USB cable (You will have 2, one for the FFB2 base and one for the Arduino, which is your grip. They will be separate devices in DCS, this is not a problem) I used a Thrustmaster FLCS grip, but as far as I know using a CH grip should be the same. Pardon Any typos, I'm still getting used to this newfangled Tapatalk
  3. Been Reading "Tail End Charley" By James E Brown, he was a Thunderbolt Pilot in Italy. Making me super hyped for this Bird in DCS!!! Especially hoping we get an awesome Normandy campaign like the Spitfire got. For anyone interested, https://www.amazon.com/dp/154296430X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_bFiKzbX6FNYSP Only $3 for Kindle!
  4. Are those guns with the Yellow furniture for training? That stripped MP5 almost looks like it has airsoft gun internals, but the pic is blurry so it's kinda hard to tell.
  5. I have nothing of Value to add, but I just wanted to say that reading this thread is super interesting. Hope the discussion continues! :thumbup::smartass:
  6. Been playing with it the past few days, everything seems to be working fine except the yaw axis will slowly drift back to center regardless of my phone's Attitude, being messing with filters but haven't found a solution yet. Hoping someone here has experience with Opentrack. Also is there a forum out there For Opentrack? I could only find their GitHub which only seems to have their downloads. Would be nice to get help from people there if they exist.
  7. Ooooh yes! You sir have read my mind! I'd heard of the Sandy pilots and have been curious about them, Bought it immediately. And since its fairly short I picked Up Robin Old's Memoir as well. I figured A book on an Ace would be a good contrast to the Sandy's Adventures. Thanks very much everyone!!!
  8. We aren't allowed to have our phones at school here, so I've taken a technological step backwards and starting reading paper books (Blasphemy I know!) Not that I'm complaining, I love to read, no matter it be paper or pixels. After my last few books have been WW2, With the Old Breed by E.B. Sledge, Never Call me A Hero By Norman Kleiss (Which is a fairly new book, very great read on the battle of midway if you haven't read it yet) And Band Of Brothers. So I'm looking for a change of pace away from WW2, Particularly I've been hungry for some Vietnam Aviation stories. I find the Vietnam war to be extremely interesting, given the controversy and politics of the war, as well as it being a very interesting time Culturally for America. I find that its a war story best told from the air, As it provides the reader with a much wider view of the battle both literally, being above the thick jungles, and in the prospect that the writers are officers with a much greater understanding of whats going on than a regular rifleman would have. I've Read the 2 classics, Chickenhawk and Low Level Hell, as well as Guts & Gunships by Mark Garrison. All excellent reads, though very rotor-heavy. I'd love to hear some stories from fixed-wing pilots, So if anyone wants to suggest any good books I'd love to hear them! Particularly if you know any good books on Skyraiders, They seem like they'd have some good stories to tell. Thanks!
  9. There's been a few polls I've seen, usual average is around 40-50-ish. I'm one of the youngin's, having turned 19 a few months ago.
  10. Would you happen to know what that 5 pin connector is in the diagram in the corner? I thought the warthog used a ps2 connector but all the ones I can find have 6 pins instead of 5.
  11. I'll jump on the racing bandwagon too :thumbup: Rally For me, DiRT, RBR, anything off the tarmac :pilotfly: Can't imagine using my Pedals for flying compared to actual rudder pedals, though It's probably better than a twist stick
  12. I recently bought a Pair of HyperX cloud II's, and they are outstanding. As far as I can tell its identical to these "Core" headsets + it has a USB, button box and 7.1. Its about $20 more on amazon. Away from home so I don't have my trackclip, it almost looks like it could take some creativity to get on, but I think it should work.
  13. Been looking at a new computer, and I stumbled upon this software. Quite pricy, but the idea of " all of your stuff to your new computer: your programs, documents, music, pictures, favorites, emails, accounts, settings - and of course all of your files. Your new computer will feel just like the old one." seems really nice, especially considering I really don't have the time to manually transfer everything over right now. Anyone have any experience with this software? looks to be exactly what I was looking for, seamlessly transferring to a new computer without any hassle http://www.zinstall.com/home-page/products/zinstall-migration-move-to-new-computer-to-windows-7-with-all-your-programs-and-files-no-reinstalls
  14. Is that the Academy model? I have it in the box, under my bed, waiting to be assembled. Haven't had the time to build a model im quite some time, hopefully that changes at some point!
  15. Looks like they still have the same F-16 model though :smartass:
  16. Hello again everyone! Arrived in tech school and its nice to get a taste of the real world again + some of my freedoms back. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Having my laptop shipped over so I can get back to playing games in my freetime, however I will have to make do without all my awesome flight stuff. A ps4 controller will be my primary method of flying/racing, but I think I'll be fine for now. I also took a chance and decided to try out Tapatalk since I browse the forums a lot on my phone, so this is my sorta trial run. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  17. Although given how quiet I am on these forums, I doubt anyone actually noticed I was gone. Anyway, I've been gone the past 7.5 weeks, living under a rock, kept away from technology. Some people may know this rock as Lackland AFB Texas. The advantages of having lived under this rock for that long is that I can now call myself a US Airman, the downside of this however is that I haven't been able to play DCS! (Or DiRT 4 for that matter, which I'm super hyped for.) I still have to go through Airman's week before I get my phone back, but I've been able to use family's phone after graduation to check the forums and see what I've missed, and holy cow, F-18 at E3!!! Was not expecting that! I also missed the release of Normandy, hope you guys left me some Jerry's to hunt! After next week I ship off to tech school to become an Aircraft Loadmaster, looking very forward to it! Greetings to all my fellow Airman on the forums, past and present, I'm incredibly proud to now be a part of your ranks. AIM HIGH... FLY. FIGHT. WIN.
  18. They're still working on ironing out some bugs. It'll be out in two weeks!
  19. Lol!! Pretty much me everytime I try something stupid on the strip :pilotfly: :joystick:
  20. And with the Hornet coming it would be a crime to not include aliens from another movie as well... HELLO BOYS, I'M BAAAAAAACK!!!!!
  21. I once got flight lessons for my birthday (Thanks Robbie, best brother ever!) 40Minutes of flight time logged in a Cessna 172 :smartass: Very much hoping one day I can continue with getting my liscense and truly join you guys :thumbup:
  22. I'm surprised by the amount of stick input the pilot is applying during that landing, Is that normal with big planes like that? Or is that normal of Carrier landings in general? Quite Interesting, I've only ever played with Small stuff in our sims.
  23. So I decided to explore the hangar in Groom Lake with the shuttlecraft in them, Got all the way into the back of the hangar, without a thought as to how I would get out. I'm pretty damn good at backing my car into parking spots, but needless to say backing out of a hangar filled with stuff in a helicopter is not an easy task. So this was the result of that trip. In fear of hitting that staircase I moved to the side and knocked my blade against the hangar wall. It did not end well. On the bright side I got a good look at those Shuttlecraft.
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