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  1. I did not want be be rude or such, sorry if my short statement sounded like it, my bad.


    YOu see, I run quite a few PC's myself, including my old Asus G73 Gamer Laptop, older gaming rigs, MacbookPro etc.. and I think I have run DCS on all of them. Thing is, yes, it will get damn hot, you will kinda ruin it that way, and it will never give the performance you desire unless you spend a fortune on a Über-Laptop with a VERY VERY fast CPU that only yesterday got announced ( up to 4.8G, 6c/12T, Xeon, mobile ), + NVMe + 1080 or 1080Ti_ext, 32GB RAM.

    That will still be portable, but very expensive too.



    The neck breaker is that you cannot change parts and RAM is still so high priced that I would hesitate to put 200€ worth of RAM into an "old" (sorry) laptop. Rather save that money for a replacement laptop "WITH" Thunderbolt3, so that you may hook up a new ext. GPU in the future.


    Thanks for clearing that up, Sorry for my aggression. I'm just used to hearing the usual Sh*t from people as soon as they find out I own a Gaming laptop. its quite common that this happens so I assumed your short comment was more of this. Everything you said was true, I know I need an upgrade, but with my career field the portability of a laptop is definitely something I need, despite the disadvantages. The intent of my original post was just to determine if the ram upgrade would have any improvement for the interim until I buy a new laptop (And just my luck my car's engine decided to blow, so gonna be awhile before I can afford a real upgrade)

  2. it's a laptop !


    Honestly sick of hearing this. Yes its obviously a laptop, yes it gets kinda hot, with a cooling pad it never got too bad unless I played for a very long session, yes a desktop is a better value, and yes a desktop is upgrade-able. No my next computer will not be a desktop. I like the portability. No a small desktop is not equally as portable, I've been to my share of lan parties and sen just how "portable" a small form factor desktop is. I't's been running DCS fine since the 1.2 days, Only Normandy with its trees and high detail areas finally brought it to its knees after almost 4 years (Bought it in late 2014)


    So thanks for the helpful comment there friend.

  3. My performance in 2.2 is not too great, admittedly I'm running it on higher settings than my rig would normally be run at (because Normandy looks so pretty!)


    My rig is starting to show her age (Specs in sig) but I'd like to hold off on an upgrade for a little while longer if I can. I'm looking at the minimum & recommended requirements for dcs and my cpu seems fine, but my gpu is scraping the minimum and I only have 8 gigs of ram aswell.


    Would a ram upgrade improve performance? or would my graphics card still be the bottleneck? I know ram isn't too cheap right now but it'd be cheaper than a whole new rig

  4. Man... :doh:

    I will provide quite a negative response, but try to understand it.

    Wait to get a bit richer. Get a normal monitor.

    As of today's state of medicine, available to you (based on your laptop), you have only one pair of eyes for your entire life.

    Don't waste them on DCS, even as it is a good sim.


    Haha I've got a 27in Monitor back at home, I'm currently in training though so away from home. Managing without for now, also hence my current ghetto setup. The laptop is definitely showing her age now though. Replacement is coming soon after I get some work done on my car

  5. I'm pretty poud of this setup, I've got a stopper keeping the drawer from closing and I use my belly to keep it from opening, works like a dream! The center mounted stick is much nicer than the side mount I had at home, makes using the mouse much less hairy since I can grab the stick with my throttle hand. The desk could maybe be a bit taller, but that should be fixable with some plywood spacers stuck underneath.


    I'm pretty proud of this, simple, but it works!


  6. A paper airplane launcher, that might be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen... I want one too!


    This year Santa decided to give me some of the Playstation exclusives that I've been eyeing for awhile, the PS4 had gotten quite the layer of dust on it after so long!


  7. Along with what the others have said, the lack of clickable pits OR a keyboard for the myriad of switches would make it unplayable. And a clickable cockpit wouldn't be much better on a gamepad. I don't think DCS is feasible on consoles without A LOT of simplification.

  8. Even the rudder pedals! Oh man, you must be *really* into DCSW :)




    I find that Rudder pedals are the most versatile of the bunch, I use them in Arma and a few other games. Plus I usually kick them around to occupy myself while I sit at my desk. I was pretty surprised to get them in there, even looking at it now I'd swear it couldn't fit, but it does!


    Lackland AFB!


    BTDT, had the Pinger jacket! (Lost it after several post-service moves :( )


    Good times, good times...


    Yeah I can't seem to escape the damn place! From BMT, to the 344th for tech school, and lucky me C-5 Aircrew training is right here at.. You guessed it, Lackland AFB!!

  9. Eagle Dynamics; Providing us with a sense of pride and accomplishment... For learning 600 page manuals, mastering weapons employment, and systems management in some of the most legendary Aircraft of the 20th and 21st century (And yeah, a few trainers too which are pretty neat I guess.)



    Good to see there are still some good Devs out there that still stay true to their vision

  10. I picked up an ED tracker as I was looking for a smaller, portable alternative to Trackir with its webcam and fragile trackclip and the EDtracker seemed like a great option as just a small box mounted to the headset.


    The problem I'm facing is that its unusable, if I turn my head in a direction the view will follow, but then slowly drift back to center, completely messing up my view when I return my physical head back to a central position.


    I've tried calibrating several times, I've tried moving the tracker away from my headset (I'd read that metal in the headset can interfere with the magnetic sensors) and this drifting still persists.


    I should also note that this applies to all games and the EDTRacker software aswell, not just DCS.


    Anyone know how to deal with this?


    EDIT: After checking the EDtracker support page and about 10 minutes of trial and error, I was able to get a good calibration but it looks like the metal in my headset band is interfering afterall. So not really sure how to proceed from here. perhaps fashioning some kind of spacer, but how much space is needed? an inch? 5 inches?

  11. Can't believe nobody suggested it yet, Kerbal Space Program. Its not just building, likely crashing, and exploring a solar system with rockets. You can have a lot of fun building and testing aircraft also. With mods there can be combat and other relevant stuff. Can even get to the point of flying a whole mission inside a capsule.


    Showed it to my cousins that were middle school age at the time and they loved it. At the very least it does a good job of teaching astrophysics concepts in a very easy to understand way.


    THIS! Maybe not quite a "flight sim" like you're looking for but definitely a fun and educational game. Gonna be a long time before I have kids but I'd definitely love to see them learning in ksp.


    As for flight sims I'd have to agree with the other people, gamemode, unlimited fuel, fc3 are all great options. I got started with sims back on console with the arcadey ww2 flight sims. Back on console they had a more forgiving flight model, and a nice little aiming dot showing you where to lead the target which made it quite easy for my younger self learn to shoot. Does anyone know if DCS's gamemode does that? Also a great oportunity to get your kids interested in history if they aren't already.


    And people say videogames are evil :joystick::doh:

  12. attachment.php?attachmentid=170812&stc=1&d=1508281208


    I was always impressed that those guys could fly the hog with all its buttons using a T-flight. I certainly couldn't do it! It was kinda funny when I walked past a supply closet at my old training squadron and saw boxes of T-flights just sitting there. I've also seen rooms with a Warthog stick mounted to every desk, and a set of CH pedals at everyones feet!

  13. I've been playing (probably too much) Fallout lately, and I've taken quite a liking to that era of music. While exploring Youtube I stumbled upon these fine ladies taking inspiration from The Andrews Sisters, and I know some of you guys will apreciate it.


    and no, not just because I think you're all old! ...Well ok, maybe a little bit.


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