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  1. Hi Sharkfin61, Thank you and a happy new year to you also, Glad to hear you have it working! Yes that is an unusual error which I never would of guessed so I really appreciate you figuring it out, it may indeed help someone with a similar problem in the future, Cheers Also, I might be wrong on this but I do remember reading somewhere that there is an error in the actual DCS export which causes the issue with the DIM/BRT rocker, so there isnt much that can be done about it yet unfortunately.
  2. Hi Hawgmech, Yes v66 is the latest. The link at the top of the page goes to the same place, I just coped it yesterday to make it easier to access so its not buried within the thread. I can see how this could be confusing though so I'll try to edit it, and cheers
  3. Hi Smerlin, Happy to see you got your panels! You are the pinoneer of this new PCB design but I am 99% sure it will work fine, without any physical testing there is always that nagging uncertainty, let me know of any issues or help you may need This may be a challenge for beginners to soldering due to the use of many SMT parts (surface mounted), make sure to double check the polarity of the diodes AND the tactile switches, the pack of tactile switches I got had the LED anode pin denoted by a small green dot which was hard to spot! I have attached an example of what I mean, you ca
  4. Thanks, and that's a chip I had never heard of until now, looks very promising! Also looks like there are some arduino libraries already made for it, so it hopefully should be a lot simpler to get working with DCSBios, let me know how it goes . On another note, I have hit somewhat of a brick wall with the display side of things, it is looking like ill need the help of an actual programmer friend to make an ethernet based comms link for the display terminal, something I wouldnt know where to start at designing. It's either that or go back to square one and waste my graphics card t
  5. Haha interesting, I was hoping this would bring back memories for some students who studied this material, hopefully positive ones but who knows!
  6. PCB 2 - Electric boogaloo I have redone the PCB traces manually. It uses substantially less vias all of which are all checked for best placement. It should be okay to solder and has passed DRC runs, though I must say that it is built at your own risk, I am no expert at PCB design! Also added/changed: - Added polygon pour to PCB top and bottom copper to make it more rigid. - Added silkscreen pinout annotations on top and bottom layer. - Changed key annotation from “SLASH” to “/“ to avoid confusion The design uses x67 1N4148WS diodes (which are SMT so
  7. Just discovered dark mode here, that is so much better!
  8. Hello all, I recently did some searching for some military based aircraft flight training material and came across a heafty and very well illustrated 14 volume set of books from the Central Flying School (CFS), used to train RAF Qualified Flight Instructors. It covers the most basic principles of flight to more complicated topics such as different radar types and how to use and interperate them, it may be of help to some of you guys or hopfully at least be an interesting read. The publiction (AP3456) was released through a fairly recent FOI request and is free for personal studies and ref
  9. Small update, the AAP panel has been fully programmed and tested. I powered the screen up using the raspberry pi and installed the necessary drivers to get it working, the problem now is getting a reliable setup to display the data on the CDU, I have been following y2kiah's GitHub guide but have run into lots of problems with the pi-blaster-mqtt installation stage when trying to execute the make command, for now this is as far as I can get. The display itself is somewhat of a disappointment, from the angle that it the CDU meant to be viewed at you get some crazy colour distortion to an unaccep
  10. After a fair bit of troubleshooting, I have found the problem and a fine example of why you should NEVER trust the auto-router... As this picture shows, it has placed a via on the circuit board which is way too close to the LSK2 diode anode, the signal it was carrying is from column 1, after my manual soldering job meant that column 1 and column 2 were shorted together, a quick reflow fixed this and now the board is working fully as intended! this will have to be designed out and I intend to completely redo the PCB traces manually as there are several more places where this kind o
  11. Any further news on this? I am simply blown away by the quality of the textures in this pit even compared to A-10C II, would love to see this project come to fruition one day! :pilotfly:
  12. Okay so I think I have run into my first issue :shocking: I have been trying to get the code working in Arduino using the keypad library, I have it 95% working apart from column 1 which is really confusing me. After doing the first obvious step of checking the physical components for errors in soldering, I was convinced that the error was to do with a diode soldered the wrong way around as in the picture below, yet the error persists after fixing the polarity! The code is just a modified sketch of one of the keypad examples and is still quite a way from being augmented into DCSbios, my
  13. Hi Smerlin, I would be happy to share the files after some issues have been resolved, just be aware that the PCB is designed around my own personal setup but it should be able to work with yours. Initially I had some extra surface mount LEDs on the board to illuminate the lines, though had some issues getting them to work with the LEDs within the switches, in the end I decided to just remove them. After I can get mine working as intended I'll publish the Gerber files, wouldn't want to waste peoples time and money with a broken PCB! For the controller, it is just an Arduino mega and DCSbios
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