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  1. Very cool and very based. As a fan of tiny combat short shorts, I would of course pre-order.
  2. Very good post there ChickenSim, I agree wholeheartedly. This should be my favourite module as it is one of my favourite aircraft - but until there is an actual simulation of the DMT and ARBS system, it will be considered unfinished in my mind. Promises on the actual store page are not completed - the ARBS simulation is non-existant and instead relies on Flaming Cliffs style magical ground lock.
  3. I disconnected FFB gear and trim is now working as normal. Thanks for the help guys - weird that this bug still exists though.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I have a G29 plugged in so I will unplug this and try it out.
  5. The trim used to work for me but since the last beta update (or two) I haven't been able to use elevator or aileron trim. The trim controls (hotas) are able to move the correct cockpit controls and the trim control surfaces on the external visibly move but they have absolutely zero affect on flight regime. Both elevator and aileron trim are broken but the rudder trim seems to work. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module but the problem persists. I have seen another thread on the topic but everyone jumped on the OP and the thread doesn't seem to exist now. Please don't let this thread go the same way, I am very aware of the way trim influences the behavior of an aircraft so the issue isn't lack of understanding there. :joystick: Cheers in advance for any help.
  6. I have noticed this with the world rendering and it’s been really bugging me. The kinda thing that you can’t un-see SOROS 1-1 reporting for duty!
  7. Damn, that bold text really showed me. The change has already taken place. It has delayed features and updates for the F/A-18C - which is the entire premise of this discussion. It has happened and that's why we are having this chat. Maybe stick to Netflix and stay in your lane.
  8. If you can't see that resources were diverted in order to make more money as opposed to supported and fulfilling a previous obligation then I can't help you. I don't hate money, far from it - pre-purchases are an investment in ED. Investments rely a lot on previous experience and confidence in the company to reach it's goals in a reasonable fashion, reputation matters and all I can see is a damaged reputation around ED's recent business practices. I think that if we compared the pre-purchase numbers for the recent F-16C and the F/A-18C in their first week, we would see much smaller numbers for the F-16C even though it has the same appeal (or even higher) than the F/A-18C. A lot of people are waiting for improvements before investing more money and their criticism should be valued. Fanboy-ism can only last so long. Off topic but sort of related - I do however applaud ED's upcoming KA50 and A10C improvements and although the hypocrisy with the new systems on the KA50 compared to the decisions made about systems on the F16C is hilarious, I will pay for the effort they have made. Again, this is about dealing with existing customers with whom they already have an obligation BEFORE trying to sell and support a new product to new customers.
  9. I love ED but you guys are like cult members. People cannot criticise? I don't constantly complain but choose to vote with my wallet instead. I currently own ever module and I'm not willing to part with any more cash until I see progress being made on previous promises. How you can even begin to justify an FW190-A8 pre-purchase, let alone the vastly more complex F-16C pre-purchase, considering the current state of the F/A-18C is beyond me. The boomer mentality of "Teehee, woaaah guys! Another great aircraft for the hanger! :pilotfly:" is killing DCS. People using DCS as a collector club of things they found cool as a kid instead of modules being created with fully functional systems to be used as a study sim. It's nearly as irritating as the "Get a load of this goy - thinking he has any say on things he has paid for".
  10. Name and shame!!! Lol SOROS 1-1 reporting for duty!
  11. Yep, no F16 preorder for me. I've preordered every module until now - something has to change.
  12. The ARBS takes an INS and a DMT reading every x seconds (probs more like 0.05s or something). Azimuth and angle are easy, just use the DMT readouts. Slant range to the target is calculated by using the DMT angles at point A and point B. Altitude source (GPS, BARO or RADALT) can then be used to get an absolute target elevation, obviously with the inaccuracies that BARO and RADALT incur. Still waiting for this to be implemented properly - IMO this set of systems is what makes the night attack harrier very interesting from a technical standpoint. Would love to have a glitchy contrast lock on the DMT.
  13. Not currently supported unfortunately due to early access.
  14. Tippis thank you for the high IQ posts and responses - we need to get this fixed. I frequent these threads about resolution vs scaling every time they are made and it's always the usual suspects attempting to 'shut it down'. Until this is fixed I cannot really compete in any meaningful way in WVR combat (without sensors to compensate) as I am on a 4K 28" monitor. 4K is not something I will be going back from since I have been flying in 4K with DCS since at least 2014 or so and my eyes would never forgive me for willingly giving up on the most beautiful simulator experience you can achieve. Not to mention that (VR users aside perhaps - no experience of DCS VR myself) DCS has excellent performance at high resolutions - even with sensors exported to another 1080p monitor. The old scaling experiments that ED released, while comical is some cases, were vastly superior to the current scaling (or lack thereof) issues experienced but high resolution users.
  15. I'm very disappointed with the F-16 announcement, what with the current state of the F/A-18. I won't be purchasing the F16 until I see the state of systems modelling. BMS has a far more interesting simulation environment anyway so I'm probably going to stick to that until DCS has something more interesting to do than learn incomplete systems.
  16. 4K is widely used in DCS but unfortunately seems ignored. I don't use scaling after I had similar issues. Spotting in 4k is especially broken. After all of ED's experiments with spotting it seems that they gave up - it means that WVR combat is borderline impossible. Sorry for hijack lol.
  17. I made a script to target map objects. I'll see if I can dig it out tommorow...
  18. Yes they did this in Desert Storm.
  19. How on earth do you not understand the desired functionality here? I understand the need for proper bug reporting but this is just silly! There is a button that is supposed to have a function. Instead the button does nothing. 100% of the time. SOROS 1-1 reporting for duty!
  20. The Dunning-Kruger is strong in this guy ayy! Please do some basic research before pretending to be an expert. This pretty much goes for any subject. The hashed cross in CCIP works as a designator for an AUTO release.
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