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  1. im sorry . if u have msn contact me at mjdeak@hotmail.com i will catch u up there :)
  2. we dont rely only on this forum for recruitment lawndart but it is one of the most visited one. actually we found another pilot who want to fly the tryout - but we r still looking for gifted pilots ;)
  3. thank u good to know :) we found another ventrilo server for 3$ 10slots :) but i´ll have a look. PS:yes it goes on :D
  4. yes lawn dart we have a temp. teamspeak. its from a friend of mine so we can actually talk to the pilots who want to join. but we r still in the build phase. im workin on the website plus trying to find a nice price for our own TS server or maybe ventrilo. and defnatly frazer i think we have a lot of attention now lol. i hope this is getting better if we finally can find 2 more pilots. :D :pilotfly::pilotfly:
  5. thank you tex. :) and by the way we are still trying to get in contact with the real russian knights. we dont wanna be something like an offical plate on the internet for them. but we think it could be usefull to have some "real" backup. :)
  6. ok ok ... calm down everybody. we fly wut we want to fly and we are not intressted if there is someone who doesnt like it cuz it is not worth to discuss if only russian schould fly the "VIRTUAL Russian Knights". we are living in a clash of cultures and we think it is another good chance to prove international groups can exist! anyways if MDX still wants to argue. please continue and make fun of yourself because as u can see it everybody in here think that it doesnt matter if we r russian or wutever. the skill and the fun is important not the nationality. we are still looking for pilots
  7. oh ok @ skopro. and in regard to the russian thing... read carefully wut laud wrote :D thats wut we think. anyways we still look for pilots. :pilotfly:
  8. we are located in europe so there is not really a problem for europeans to stay tuned for training times. in regard to the positions. the left wing and the lead is not available anymore but we are at the beginnings of our journey. so we will have to check it out in how far pilots are better with a different positions. if you think you want to try it out and be one of the firsts - you could possibly be one of the firsts who can help to improve the team too. so feel free to contact us @ mjdeak@hotmail.com.:thumbup:
  9. ;) feel free to contatc me on mjdeak@hotmail.com to get detailed information.
  10. wutever! and as an advice i suggest to say it is FAIR if people who r not seriously intressted in joining the tryouts keep off of this topic. thank u.
  11. Hello hi some update on the Virtual Russian Knights i hope u like them. Mali and i still work on the mod so please be patient - u will get the mod :) Best regards DenLaw
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