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  1. Hi, i am wondering how to stop dispensing chaff and flares when it first has started. When you are in program 1 and semi. When you press dispense button it will then release 10 chaff and flare as default. How do you stop this program so that it does not dispense anymore before it finishes the cycle. I have tried aft, left and right switch but nothing works.
  2. Hi, are the aim 9 missiles bugged? When i try to slave them to the helmet mounted sight i can only slev them horisontally but not vertically anymore.
  3. Yes, i know you have to close fuel pump if fuel tank is hit. but this is so fast! you loose all your fuel in a matter of 2-3 seconds then both engines goes black and out
  4. When you get hit by small arms fire(Dont need many rounds to hit) You will get a hydralulics failure message appear most likey. The fuel tanks suddenly drains from full to empty in 2-3 seconds and both engines shut off. Is this a bug or is it normal when lost hydraulics?
  5. I know about ACG and fly there alot, but its not like you can dogfight whoever you want without other interfering+sams etc
  6. Hi, i am looking for a couple of pilots that have these planes and wanna do some dogfighting! Add me in steam if you have one of these planes and wanna do some training! Same name as on the forums.
  7. I had this also some days ago. It was very annoying when i was chasing a bandit and didnt know if i had a lock or not. After firing and missing my first missile second missile hat the tone back on.
  8. Hi, anyone know what the cornerspeed of the F-5E is? F-5E i have no clue. F-15 lies around 380-450 knots depending on weight. su 27 around 550kmh?
  9. ok, gonna try it when i get back home from school. So you are saying it is not possible to add this for planes like the F-15?
  10. uhm, i have no clues about how to do that.. do you think you could do it for me and post here? it would be of a great help to a newbie
  11. Hi, is there a mod anywhere on the internet that allows me to use Nightvision in jet fighters such as the F-15? would be handy in those dark maps when flying near mountain areas
  12. i would also like nightvision for fighter jets :) its annoying when flying at night near mountains
  13. here it is simply put these 3 bmps into this folder C:\Users\Tommy\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard and open up the kneboard ingame and select previous pages and you will get acces to them Kneeboard.zip
  14. well. ok then, but are the missiles right now in its final state? it feels to me that the medium range missiles has a very low range. im not sure if they are supposed to be like that. but you need to be like at 7nm range to be able to hit enemi fighters with an aim 120
  15. i know that for example the tomcat has an aim 57 i think it is called? it has an insane range compared to the aim 120s. what long range missiles you ask? any long range missiles that can be carried by fighter jets ofcourse
  16. Hi. so i am just curious if there is any plans for Long range A-A missiles being availabale to players. The SRM and medium missiles (aim 120 and r27) are fun to use. but theyr range isnt exactly very impressing with the current build. i hope they get more range in the future. but i would also like to see some long range missiles. but ofcourse in limited quantity.
  17. Hi. i have compiled some nice kneeboard pages to use in dcs world, made about the sams on both Nato and russian side. there is also a page included you can pull up if you are unsure what the heck the awacs is talking about. simply put these 3 bmps that are attached in the zip folder into this folder C:\Users\Tommy\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard and open up the kneboard ingame and select previous pages and you will get acces to them i also added a screenshoot of how it looks like ingame cheers! 01.bmp 03.zip
  18. Hi, i have made a threat guide for both nato and pact in a kneeboard picture. so that you can pull up your kneeboard ingame and you get all the good stuff you want there anyone want me to upload it?
  19. How do i get the game to map several actions to 1 key. Example: i want Airbrake and flaps to activate when i press B what happens now: when i bind b to flaps and then try to bind it to airbrake after. the flaps will be removed from the b binding. how can i make this work?
  20. What is the sp-141 pod on the su 25? i just noticed it today and never seen it before. it looks like it can be launched but i have no clue what this is. any help?
  21. f-16 in falcon 4 has this. and yes i dont have trackir and i loose track of my head sometimes which makes it very caotic, especially near the ground
  22. Topic says it all. im trying to find an f-15 squadron and learn more about this aircraft. 23 years old from Norway, speaks english well enough. if there is any F-15 squads out there give me a call
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