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  1. That did it. I had to rest set up my bindings, that didn't take any time really being a light recon chopper. Thank you so much. Bullet
  2. I will do so, thank you for the input. Bullet
  3. I have in the control slot for axis control a red line. Nothing I do fixes it. I have 6 module and everything works for rudder and tail rotor. Search reveled nothing. Sorry if already address. Bullet
  4. Dang it my favorite helo is broke. I guess I will fly the UH-1H.
  5. Skate, all good man. I changed the drive, removed the colon and it is back to 1.2.4 :). No more crashes and frames are back to normal!!
  6. Got it, it was on my d drive so I just changed the drive. Thanks guys!!
  7. I installed 125 and it is unstable for me. 124 ran fine. However I only have the 123 installer. If any one could link 124 as a torrent I would appreciate it. Bullet
  8. I really, really wanted to hate this sim, however the more I fly the more I like it. In fact I love it and can't wait to get home from work just to fly it around. Damn you all to hell, what was left of my social life is gone!! Not that I really had much of one anyway. You all have done a great job on it. The only thing missing is the smell of JP4. It has brought back many good memories. Thanks all!! Bullet
  9. This thread helped me a hell of a lot. I now understand I have to be thinking a lot further ahead on my landing. I also start dumping altitude further out also. That youtube vid did it for me No more holes in the ground from me entering into the VRS. Thanks guys :)!! Bullet
  10. I honestly was not going to buy, however my first heli I ever crewed was a h model. So I couldn't resist!! Bullet
  11. The landings are killing me. I get in the vortex ring state way to easy. I need to slow down and get control. I am tired of making holes in the ground, lol. Bullet
  12. Helps to read the whole thing,lol Sorry that sucks man. Bullet
  13. and we know the Russian won the cold war, We know their gear is top of the line, no one can catch it and they win every engagement, unlike the US who is not still in Afghanstan and losing badly, Iraq whipped our ass, and all the gear except the United State military is so much better, why we keep losing every time we are in a battle!! :P Bullet sorry being a smartass tonight,lol
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