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  1. Never mind, figured it out.
  2. Installation Instructions I'm not especially software literate. Can someone please tell me how to install RS Mapper?
  3. In general, they work very well. The only down side I've noticed is that if I need to read something, like the keyboard, I can't read it anymore.
  4. I'm having the same issue. The first login attempt fails, but if I hit Login a second time, it logs in.
  5. What a beauty! I can't wait for the release of this mod. It brings back a flood of memories. I actually served as a Plane Captain on the A-4 (but not the E) for a while during my enlistment in the Marine Corps many, many years ago.
  6. Looks great! I'll be one of the first in line to purchase.
  7. Belsimtek, please fix this problem.
  8. I cannot read the radar altimeter digital readout now, in 1.5, unless I zoom in. It was easy to read in 1.2.
  9. No, actually I'm referring to written lessons.
  10. Does anyone have available or know where I can obtain the first five, and any subsequent, lessons authored by Tyger?
  11. I think the problem has been resolved. After reading another post in which you, were a contributor, I tried deleting some mods I had previously added using JSGME. After deleting the mods, the game seems to work perfectly. Thanks to all for taking the time to help.
  12. Attached are the logs (I hope). Thank you for offering to help. DxDiag.txt dcs.log.txt me.log.txt
  13. I downloaded DCS on Steam and own several modules. I stopped playing DCS several months ago and now, when I try to start the game, the bin/launcher.exe box appears, then disappears and nothing happens. The game won't launch. I had no problems previously. Steam shows the game and modules as loaded and when I checked the game cache there were no problems. Any ideas?
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