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  1. Maybe it's because you are using Viacom Pro for the F14, and Voice attack with the F18 ??
  2. Hi Buddy, I have my WH throttles set exactly the same as your pic, however I can only get to stage 3.5 at full burn, There are 5 stages of burn in the F14, but I can't seem to get past the 3.5
  3. You can get the Menu up by calling Options, then you call Take 1, Take 5 for Nav for eg. Navgrid is usable with AIRIO, the kneeboard pages are in the Viacom Manual. Personally I'd like to be able to call the Lat n Long to Rio ie as per Rio Radio Tune 127 decimal 5 etc
  4. Has anyone managed to get the AIRIO to actually lock a tgt/s whilst in TWS Mode, it would appear that the only time I can get a lock is by using PAL. Most of the time he says unable, BVR with the PHOENIX is not doable
  5. I was just trying anything to try and get a lock,
  6. Since the last patch, TWS & STT are not working, Jester gives an unable, the only way at present to get a lock is by using PAL with the 9's and 7's. I tried using the Phoenix's with ACM at 75 miles and 50 miles, waste of missiles Can we get it sorted asap please
  7. Very interested, will have a look at the server and hopefully get to chat on TS.
  8. Go into SOUNDS Icon and make your headset the default for playback and recording
  9. I have the same issue, I use the Surrounded Mission (A10C) for testing and the only response I get from my wingman is when I ask him to go TRAIL, which he Affirms, after that he doesn't respond to any other commands, also that one time I ask him to Go Trail, I hear my voice also, thereafter I hear nothing. Having done the speech testing I'm averaging 96% on my pronounciation. I'm getting confirmatory beeps when transmitting. I really can't think of anything else to do. I think we are pretty much in the same boat
  10. No response from Wingman This screen shot shows it alot better
  11. No response from Wingman Hi Guys. I hope the following makes sense to someone, I'm using VA with Viacom Pro, I fly the A10C mainly, I'm using the Surrounded mission to practice voice comms with my wingman. The VA speech box is working fine, beeps, static etc the problem arises when I try to issue a command to my wingman. The config box reads as TX1-VHF AM TX2-UHF TX3-VHF FM However as soon as I start the mission the PTT tab shows TX2-UHF change to CB UHF, this also shows in the comms menu top right of screen. I ask my wingman to go trail, I hear my own voice and wingm
  12. Nice one VC, I've litrally just gone up to 8000 and tried to come down on them but their 120's were still in the air before I could get them scanned, once there's a 120 in the air you have to go defensive, practice practice I shall give your tactics a try :) happy hunting
  13. I'm having the same issues with those twatting 16s, takes forever to get a lock by which time you already have an Aim 120 towards you, I was sat literally half a mile behind a 16, and no matter what I used , bore, longitudinal, HMS , i just could not get a lock. frustrating as you like
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