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  1. Hey Barthek, any chance you could include the 'min' files for low terrain texture option?
  2. I solved my issue by making a compromise and setting terrain textures to low.
  3. My options below..as said these are very modest to start from and I always use them and have no problems with other modules (do not own F-16/18/14, Harrier, JF-17, C-101 and I-16)
  4. I installed new Nvidia drivers just before first time firing up the Hind...so yes, the fps drop is there with the newest driver.
  5. Mods activated / deactivated, fxo and metashader folder don't make any difference, the fps drop i evident in 2d on my end. I use modest settings from the get go.
  6. Caucasus map only...kamov no problems even with Skhval activated. I think it's the same with F-14. Rendering 2 highly detailed cockpits at the same time.
  7. I'm doing the whole routine everytime since 2.5...doesn't help in this case.
  8. Nothing to do with any head tracking kit/software. Even when disabled it's noticeable in front while banking
  9. Unfortunately, still not fixed...
  10. New UB-32 models are already in DCS, just not activated yet
  11. Would be nice to get this bug acknowledged. You can even see it in Matts video at 4:26 when he starts banking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdBpvIUFkpY
  12. +1, same here. Since the clouds were introduced they jitter in 2D even after todays patch which is odd considering the VR is presumably fixed. I don't have the rig to support MSAA or SSAA.
  13. 2D user here...cloud jitters since they were introduced and after todays patch nothing changed no matter what settings and all the fxo/metashadres routine ...
  14. 2D here...I had jitters since the clouds released and now after the patch nothing changed. No matter what settings
  15. The 21 is my ride since it came out in 2014 so I am confident when I say that I never experience bounces, I always tend to make smooth landings around 270/280 to 310 (when in overweight and using 2. stage flaps) and keeping the nose up in the air and then gently drop it down (since I have the opportunity to watch such landing IRL). Lets say that 7 out of 10 landings are smooth (some wind and turbulence always activated). It is very much possible and I have been doing it with every FM/Ground physics change to date (guess I can adapt easily). It takes long practice and I even use a 25cm extension since the beginning and fly 99% of the time on the Caucasus map. Sometimes it's really hard to explain to someone exactly what technique to use or how much to move the stick etc. because it's a case of, as we would say here, getting a feeling for the AC and also personal preference on the controls setup (curves, deadzones,...). I very rarely and if ever watch the gauges except the speedometer on landing because of muscle memory and it rarely fails..ILS is another matter ofc. I talked to RL Fishbed CroAF drivers who tried the DCS module and all of them agreed that if it were so easy to fly it in RL, everyone would fly them
  16. I would also add a 'Recently updated' option also..right now, you can not get to show updated files unless you search specifically within the categories. of the mods, skins, etc.
  17. +1, Brilliant idea. It was decisive IRL, offense vs defense
  18. That being said...that is why I thoroughly enjoy the Yak-52 and my long lasting wish is to have some of the warbirds and MiG-15 in modern, restored civilian version with removed gunsights and modernish radio/nav equipment.
  19. These are exactly the words a real MiG-21BisD pilot used when he explained to me this behavior. As if you place a bootle on the table and wobble it. Also, he said that no matter how good you trim it, you always have to give some pull on the stick
  20. In my opinion it's not overdone...seems just about right to me.
  21. Thank you! But no news about the EE Lightning...
  22. I would assume that those are abbreviations for "Eingefahren" and "Ausgefahren".
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