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  1. I noticed this recently too, wasnt sure if it was specific to me only. Can anyone from ED confirm what the correct behaviour is and if there were any recent changes?
  2. I don't think the way it's done in DCS right now is correct because you see terrain appearing very unnaturally. Looks like a game limitation or something that still needs to be fixed.
  3. https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/275574-patch-status
  4. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with DCS that ED is planning on fixing. As Emmy mentioned it only affects player flown aircraft.
  5. It has been like this forever. We're waiting on ED to fix this.
  6. That's a good point. There's no wind compensation on the pipper in that video
  7. Not quite. If your scope is zeroed to 1000m then your impact point will only match your crosshair at 1000m (simplifying for the example). Aiming closer or further will change the impact point. With CCIP as long as you're "IN RNG" your impact point will match the center of the pipper (crosshair in the example above). In CCIP this is true even as you move closer to the target.
  8. It looks pretty similar to me but slightly less washed out as the one in DCS. That being said, it's difficult to judge correctly without knowing what the lighting/weather conditions were in the video and what the HUD rightness was set to. Not to mention that the video is a HUD tape recording and not the actual view of the HUD so there could be some differences there as well since DCS is trying to simulate the actual HUD.
  9. Well on that note we can agree, the AI does need a major overhaul, along with much of the DCS engine itself. The way I see it, the engine itself is limiting the AI's capabilities because so much stuff needs to be simplified in order to not bog down the game to basically 1FPS. If DCS were better optimized and able to take advantage of modern hardware an AI overhaul could be something we can hope for. And I do hope for it very much! But in the current state of things, I think the best we can hope for are to have specific bugs and little quirks fixed.
  10. Guys, regardless of how bad the AI is, the requirement for internal action has been defined. The development team needs a well defined specific issue that is demonstrated in a short track to be able to assign the case to the correct team and begin investigating the problem properly. This is not any different than anywhere else in the IT industry. This is how it is done. Either start a bug thread with the supplied track and description of the issue or be content to wait until the devs randomly stumble upon a fix for whatever problem is bugging you. I want to see AI improvements also, but
  11. You'll notice that even in just the main menu DCS is using 100% of the GPU. That's why you get the fans spinning so hard.
  12. Maybe not a top speed limit but if you're constantly redlining, sliding on your wheels, and taking damage to your car, then you may win the first lap but you'll end up losing the race. Every piece of machinery has limits and the operator has to weigh the Risk vs. Reward during each attempt at exceeding those limits.
  13. I agree, I would like to see pilots flying their air raft to the G Limits correctly. I just don't think DCS will be able to simulate screws and rivets degrading from pulling Gs. Maybe there's some sort of function where aircraft health can degrade the harder the aircraft is flown but I'm not sure. An instant death when exceeding the limit would be too gamey and unrealistic in it's own way, and an artificial cap on the aircraft would be unrealistic as well.
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