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  1. Thanks, it was the Gyro, I had forgotten to turn it on. (Or actually existed ) cheers.
  2. Do you mean the three SAS channels? If so then yes I do, if not then possibly not.
  3. I’ve just tried this and It did not work. Still. No auto hover. Anyone have any other ideas?
  4. Ok thanks, I’ll give it a try, I have it on an axis so perhaps it’s not going full forward. cheers
  5. Hi I’m having a problem engaging the auto hover. In a mission I have created my self on the Syria map I have a cold start Gazelle which when I start it and lift into hover the auto hover will not engage. But if I set the same Gazelle to a hot start the auto hover does engage. I am assuming I am missing something in the cold start procedure but I can’t see what it is. Does the Nadir need setting for auto hover to work? That is the only thing I am missing out I think. Thanks
  6. Its strange that I haver not noticed it before, although I have mostly been playing on Syria, so perhaps it only show on some maps? There is a thread in the bugs forum that seems to be related: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/video-corruption-and-related-card-issues-ac/287470-reported-strange-graphical-glitch
  7. Are you on the latest open beta released yesterday? I am and have noticed something very similar to what you describe. So far I have only noticed it on the Channel Map and the Normandy Map, when flying Spitfire and BF109, but I have not flow much else yet so I cant say it does not happen elsewhere. I get a bright flash, usually when looking towards the sun, and the sun itself seems to flash red. it is very brief and only seems to effect the sky. It is quite intermittent, I cant seem to get it to do it on command by looking back at the same spot. I'm running a Vive pro on a RTX2080ti
  8. I took it to mean HMCS, as that is equivalent to the KA-50, Which I adjusted last night and it is sooo much better. ;-)
  9. Yes I second that, its not far off for me but just needs to be a bit lower, this would be really nice to have. I didn't know you could adjust the KA-50. doh!
  10. Really? I'll have to compare tonight. I noticed that the turbine whistle had gone. At least the starter is better. do all three versions have the same sounds? I only tried the -40.
  11. The new beta seems to have brought a louder engine noise. Sounds much better from my POV anyway. Also the starter is much louder if not a new sound as well.
  12. I fly in VR, so I move my head closer. unfortunately I'm not sure much can be done. Its intrinsic to an accurately 3D modelled cockpit. do you use TrackIR or some other form head tracking, if not I highly recommend it. A much larger and higher resolution display would help I guess.
  13. Just for fun I thought I'd count up the first choice votes, I've only included the first named aircraft from each post, but i did not try to remove double posts so some may have voted more than once. I ignored variants except the Spits, and I missed out aircraft we are already getting My choice would be a P-61. but I would be well happy with a P-38. (hope this formats ok) Name votes P-38 23 Tempest 9 A6M2 Zero 7 JU-87 5 Sptifire MK14 5 P-61 4 Yak-3 4 F4U-4 3 Me262 3 Typhoon
  14. Hi, what is the problem you are having with using the toe breaks on your rudder pedals? You don't say in your post. I've not had any problems with the toe breaks, if anything I would say that the Thunderbolt is the easiest warbird to taxi with the tail wheel unlocked. Cheers.
  15. Yes this is interesting, I would assume that there is a significant change in sound from having the wastegates full open. thus all the exhaust is vented from the just behind the cowl to having the wastegates fully shut where all the exhaust should be diverted though the Turbo and venting out just forward and below the tail. I have read that most P-47s these days do not have the turbo, either it is not installed or it is deactivated. So perhaps it was not possible to record the difference in sound? Assuming there is one of course.
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