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  1. Question for you, what is the rectangular display just above the caution and warning lights in the F-16 Viper called? Cheers, Vincent
  2. @Exorcet, yes I tested the F-16 with all 7 pylons off. The speed at 36,000 feet is about 1,179 knots with 7 pylons on the F-16 or not. Cheers, Vincent
  3. I noticed that when I remove the pylons from the f-16 wings the drag never decreased. I think the pylons weigh about 500 pounds each. One would think with the 7 pylons removed from the f-16 drag will decrease significantly and therefore increase speed. Cheers Vincent
  4. Hi guys! I think the afterburner sound in the game doesn't sound right! I think the afterburner should have a blowtorch sound! Cheers vincent.
  5. Great thanks! Cheers vincent.
  6. Vinny002


    Hi guys! I got a feature request: is all the airports in DCS world blue instead of neutral when first entering the mission editor! Thanks! Cheers Vincent.
  7. Hi guys! I got a wishlist for the next update of DCS world: is the option to turn on/off bloom effect so it would be easier on people's eyes! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  8. Vinny002


    Hi guys! I got a feature request for the next update of dcs world: is the decreasing haze with increasing visibility like for example at the extreme visibility in options setting means very little or no haze! Cheers, . Vincent
  9. What is your monitor settings, maybe I can try it out.
  10. I set the in-game gamma to 1.8 it is still too bright! Now what?
  11. I have clear skies, no clouds, and 8:00 in the morning
  12. Hi guys! I got a problem with DCS world 2.5.6. It works great but 1 thing though, the outside in DCS is too bright but the cockpit is not too bad. I tried gamma in-game, brightness, contrast in the nvidia control panel it changes the whole cockpit and outside views. How do I change the brightness of the outside view? Any suggestions? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  13. I got a feature request for the DCS F-16: is to get the maximum power switch above the main power switch functional. Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  14. Question for you, what is the maximum IAS for the F-16 with and without any payload? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  15. Got it! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  16. Question for you, what happened to the realistic INS alignment time of about 8 minutes? The reason I ask is because the INS alignment time now is only about 1 minute or 60 seconds. Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  17. I also noticed that the outside of the plane is way brighter than it should which make flying more dangerous!! Can we get a hot fix for this issue please! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  18. Question for you, how do I get the B000.0 to show on the HUD? Thanks!
  19. Guys, question for you, is there a way to get the tadpole and the distance to tacan to show on the HUD? Another question, what are the numbers 000.0 underneath the radar altitude box for on the lower right Hand side of the HUD? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  20. Vinny002

    Sonic boom

    Hi, guys! I got a feature request: is to implement sonic boom sound as the F/A-18 goes to Mach 1.00. Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  21. My wish is creating the steerpoints from the F-16 cockpit rather than from the ME. Cheers!
  22. Guys, I have a question about the steerpoints. How do I get the steerpoint info such as distance, time to steerpoint to display on the HUD? I prefer setting up the steerpoints from the cockpit rather than from the mission editor! Thanks! Cheers!!
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