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  1. Hi guys! I got a wishlist for the next update of DCS world: is the option to turn on/off bloom effect so it would be easier on people's eyes! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  2. Vinny002


    Hi guys! I got a feature request for the next update of dcs world: is the decreasing haze with increasing visibility like for example at the extreme visibility in options setting means very little or no haze! Cheers, . Vincent
  3. What is your monitor settings, maybe I can try it out.
  4. I set the in-game gamma to 1.8 it is still too bright! Now what?
  5. I have clear skies, no clouds, and 8:00 in the morning
  6. Hi guys! I got a problem with DCS world 2.5.6. It works great but 1 thing though, the outside in DCS is too bright but the cockpit is not too bad. I tried gamma in-game, brightness, contrast in the nvidia control panel it changes the whole cockpit and outside views. How do I change the brightness of the outside view? Any suggestions? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  7. I got a feature request for the DCS F-16: is to get the maximum power switch above the main power switch functional. Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  8. Question for you, what is the maximum IAS for the F-16 with and without any payload? Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  9. Got it! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  10. Question for you, what happened to the realistic INS alignment time of about 8 minutes? The reason I ask is because the INS alignment time now is only about 1 minute or 60 seconds. Thanks! Cheers, Vincent.
  11. I also noticed that the outside of the plane is way brighter than it should which make flying more dangerous!! Can we get a hot fix for this issue please! Thanks! Cheers, Vincent
  12. Question for you, how do I get the B000.0 to show on the HUD? Thanks!
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