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  1. From the first post: Eye Size and position: EYE_CENTER = sets center point of NVG effect on screen as percentage of X and Y starting at bottom left corner. eg (0.5f, 0.655f) = 50% across and 65.5% up. [b][u]EYE_SIZE = Sets X and Y diameter of NVG as percentage of screen size. eg (0.47f, 0.75f) = 47% of width of screen and 75% of screen height. Since most monitors aren’t square the y value will have to be larger than the x value to make a perfect circle; the ratio between the two numbers will be the same as your monitor aspect ratio[/u][/b]
  2. Hey, if the whole screen is green it might be the mode option. Make sure the following line (line 13 of MOD_nvg.hlsl) is set to =2 static const int RenderMode = 2;
  3. For anyone wondering about the naming of the string value and how to get it here are the full steps for setting/changing the default profile of a X52 or x52 Pro when you have the newer Logitech drivers/software installed: 1. open regedit 2. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Logitech\Configuration\Controllers and copy the name of the folder there including curly braces, mine was {C7719F41-F667-4514-BBB4-3F38C9E4D05A} yours will be different as it is your device ID 3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\Configuration\StartupProfiles\ if the folder/s dont exist make them by right
  4. Hey Rephil, are you using JSGME, OVGME or just straight installing the mod into the DCS install folder? Can you send me your MOD_nvg.hlsl file and I will take a look.
  5. Hey Yeti, do the following With the mod UNAPPLIED if you using JSGME/OVGME Open “MOD FOLDER"\Tacca's NVG mod 1.2.0\Bazar\shaders\common\MOD_nvg.hlsl adjust the below numbers in bold that are a few lines down in the file //overall NVG postion and size static const float2 EYE_CENTER = float2(0.5f, [b]0.655f[/b]); // SETS CENTER POINT OF NVG EFFECT ON SCREEN static const float2 EYE_SIZE = float2(0.47f, [b]0.75f[/b]); // SETS X AND Y DIAMETER OF NVG (PERCENTAGE OF SCREEN) save file REAPPLY MOD The first bold number sets the vertical center point of the nvg ring (.65 i
  6. Glad to hear people are still enjoying it :)
  7. Hey PeaceSells Could you explain/show code on how exactly you were able to pull out all the function names? are you using debug messages or somehow saving out to a log file. just starting to get my head around all this but the ability to call/save/display all values in a table would be super helpful. Cheers
  8. Thanks Skate, pretty much as I thought. Your help has been much appreciated :) Now just down to playing with numbers to get realistic looking nav and anti-coll lights (intensity of lights and how much they light up surrounds)
  9. Thanks Skate, I had seen your first video but not the second one. Is it best practice now to just use 3ds max lights and not place any point helpers at all? Looking at the Christian eagle edm file and also the aircraft lua they call arguments for the lights and type name but no at all connectors (in lights section of lua or on model). Cheers Tacca
  10. Hey, did you ever find info on this else where? I have added comments to the parts I know but the others are still a mystery k_adiab_1 = 0.037923, k_adiab_2 = 0.0562, MAX_Manifold_P_1 = 180000, -- from study of aircraft files these manifold pressures should be increasing in value and not the same. not sure what they represent though MAX_Manifold_P_2 = 180000, MAX_Manifold_P_3 = 180000, k_after_cool = 0.0, Displ = 35, --displacement in litres k_Eps = 6.5, Stroke
  11. Hey Skate can you provided a description of how to properly control lights within 3ds Max or a link to something that is up to date? Do you still use dummies/connectors? Cheers
  12. Just a little heads up for anyone trying this. You need to put the mod files in your saved games/dcs/mods/aircraft folder and NOT in the actual game directory, otherwise is wont load.
  13. Hey Ams, thanks for the update. the laserbeam.hlsl was fixing a masking issue when using the IR laser beam. More details can be seen here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2546081&postcount=38 but basically while the laser should be visible inside the NVG but not outside of it (it is IR light so not visible to the naked eye). If deleting the laserbeam.hlsl fixes the flashing bug and you cant see the laser outside of the ring then ED have fixed/updated some of their code and its not needed anymore.:thumbup: Cheers
  14. Read the very first post, it explains how to change that :thumbup::music_whistling:
  15. Do you mean it is actually enlarging the image or is that the ring is too big or fullscreen? If it is the latter read the instructions in the first post.
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