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  1. Hi Lace, Thx a lot. I think the are great fun.
  2. Hi Lace, Thx for your answer, I tend to take off, circle the airfield until my wingie hooks up and continue from there. I'll fly it again to see what the su-22's are up this time. The warning call came from Awacs.
  3. Hi Psicodreamics, If you use your missionplanner you can find all the information you want. Just walk through the waypoints there.
  4. Hi Jumpjim, Did you tried to install it over the existing CTS map? That was my problem. I just renamed it to "Copy - TARGET Profiles" and then run the installer again and heh, presto it worked liked advertised. Good luck
  5. Hi Lace, Thx for your hard work. I have flown your first mission, two times now. The first time I flew around 5000 feet during the inspection of the oil rigs, when I got warned about the three su-22's. So we had a good fight. As mentiond before my wingie had a bit of a hard time. The second time I flew the mission. I flew at 3000 feet when inspecting the oil rig's. This time I didn't got a warning until I was already on my way back? My wingie was already RTB at that moment. I turned around and got one. The other two were already feet dry by the time I reached the first (or last dep
  6. Hi Skynet99, Did you just purchased it? Sometimes it takes a few minutes to show in your download tab inside DCS world?
  7. Hi Rukes1, Check the "Air start option" topic, I started in this campaing topic. Bunyap explains the solution to you problem there.
  8. Hi Bunyap, Wonderful campaign, but I run into some small issues. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? hopefuly you can point me in the right direction. When I use the "in air start"option, my other three members of my flight won'tm come into formation. I have tried several things, redoing the channels, easy comms off or on. But nothings seems to help? The won't answer me or follow any of the commands the receive? any clue what I'm doing wrong? I usually don't use shortcuts, but I thought it was a great option and wanted to try it out. That's how I discoverd that it didn't w
  9. Hi Bunyap, Thank you very much for your work. I bought it today and wow, really impresive what you have done.
  10. Thx Tazz1004, For your work. Cyberadje
  11. Hi Sirrah, I flew your mission. I llike the way you have build things up. The choices you have made available are also a nice option. Although I didn't find the pilot I'm gonna fly it again. Thx again for your effort.
  12. Hi Sirrah, Thank you so much for your effort. I'm gonna fly it and let you know what I think of it.
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