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  1. Says who? There's no guarantee of any performance improvement whatsoever - I'm guessing there might be a slight overheard using WMR, but only a couple of percent at best.
  2. You're getting 90fps??? Wow. Lucky you. If you're seeing this when you are passing aircraft at close range, or looking sideways out of the cockpit at the ground, it's likely reprojection artefacts. These should only display when you're running at an fps lower than the HMD's refresh rate though. So if you're getting 90fps (unlikely, given most people struggle to get 45fps with a 3090 and G2), you shouldn't be seeing it. If you are, there is unfortunately no way to get rid of it - some VR players apparently don't notice this at all, while others (like me) are extremely sensitive to i
  3. It's great to see a handful of VR players are now actually benchmarking properly - sadly this is still far from the norm.
  4. It requires a totally different design of the rendering pipeline; while Vulkan does support these features, it's not as simple as selecting a different rendering compositor, and would mean ED would need to maintain two totally diff APIs. Given the difficulty they have supporting one, I don't think we could ever expect them to start supporting two.
  5. One major issue with mesh shaders (according to the Star Citizen devs) is that moving to this rendering pipeline would mean only the latest architectures from AMD and NVIDIA would be able to run it (AMD 6XXX and NVIDIA 2XXX/3XXX). Which means 80% or more of the DCS audience would no longer be able to play it. This reason alone means that it'll be at least five years - at the very least - before the vast majority of GPUs on the market support mesh shading. There are other limitations as well, but this single reason means it's sadly a non-starter for the time being. Still, if it does become the
  6. I wasted about ten hours and $40 trying to get this to work well. I gave up. I'm now using Bailey's excellent profile. Regarding the OP, a squadmate was saying if you get VA to do a double input of A at the start of every command, it opens the default menu wheel. Not sure if this is accurate though, as Bailey's profile is doing the job nicely for me.
  7. hey boss, any update on MFD export? Having the Tomcat displays on a tablet would be a wet dream for me!
  8. From my limited knowledge, SSLR is not a CPU thing - it's all shaders, which means Vulkan will make absolutely zero performance difference to this feature. My question remains - is SSLR bugged or will it require a doubling of the performance offered by an RTX 3090 to make this a usable feature? By usable, I think a solid 60fps is a good benchmark to hit for DCS in 2D. Or is there room for this feature to be optimised to the point where it only incurs a small performance hit instead of the 50% it currently saps?
  9. I've got about 200 hours in the Tomcat, and have no idea how to RIO.
  10. We've had SSLR for quite a while now, but for me it's unusable - I play at 4k resolution, with everything maxed except draw distance and SSAA. I've got an RTX 3090 overclocked by 10%, with a 9700K processor at 5GHz, 32GB RAM, etc - very, very high spec PC. Sitting in the Tomcat on the SC deck, I get around 70-80fps with SSLR disabled. With SSLR enabled it drops to around 45-50fps. That's an absolutely incredible performance hit, for a very minimal increase in perceived graphics quality. My question is whether SSLR is bugged? If it's not, does this mean we'll require GPU
  11. I don't use VAICOM Pro, so don't know if that'll work? Also, I use Bailey's VA profile - can I attempt to merge the one you've linked to, into Bailey's, without screwing it up?
  12. VA would recognise my commands, but VAICOM wasn't then converting them into actions within DCS. I spent too many hours trying to get it to work, whereas Bailey's profile seemed to work straight away.
  13. Using Steam, right click on DCS, click Manage, Browse local files. Then navigate to \Steam\steamapps\common\DCSWorld\Mods\campaigns\F-14 Zone 5
  14. I am loving this profile, but have a question about Jester radio commands. Can I use this profile to get Jester to tune Radio 2 to a channel, without having to go through all the menus? In my squadron flights, we always use pre-programmed channels, and I'd like to be able to say something like "Jester tune button X", with X being the pre-programmed channel. Anybody know how I can do this?
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