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  1. Both Java and Lua are compiled to bytecode, rather than being native binary code. This makes them both slower than native binary code. Since games are all about frame rate — the faster the software runs, the better. C and C++ compile to binary code. They run fast. Game engines and games therefore get written in C and C++, because they are trying to make the hardware perform at the limits of what’s possible.
  2. Dont have the time to make a video on how easy it is to evade missiles, So here is the guy who taught me. There is nothing gambled.. EDIT : Air to Air tutorial..
  3. Does anyone actually play online? Evading a missile BVR is easy.. Dogfighting in a server actually happens A LOT!
  4. In online play, 9 out of ten 'dogfights' i encounter start with BVR missile engagement- Once youve evaded these youre normally within range of guns.. so why waste missiles?
  5. Ive had FC3/A10C since launch.. Just bought and learnt a bit in BS2- I have some experience, but its not like some of the veterans in here. So if you are looking for a bit of flying with a bit of soul please respond. Obviously UK only due to time constraints.. Also prefer Teamspeak over in game chat.. Im also open to squads only if they arnt too serious. Thanks..
  6. Okay assuming youve found the tank.. on the left screen is your tgp, press left control (TMS) and up until you see a 'P' on the screen (this is point mode), then press V for around 3 seconds (V is the coolie hat switch- pressing it long 'syncs' your maverick (which should have been selected on your left screen (DSMS) before the tgp came up- if its not selected there go back and select a mav) to the video feed. Then click on Mav on the bottom of the right screen until you get a green frame around it.. This means you now have control of the maverick not the tgp. Whilst flying towards the target, keep pressing left control (TMS) and up until the crosshair changes to two flat lines (once you are in range, you are then locked) all you need to do is then press weapon release, which is either button 2 or space bar.. really do hope this helps..
  7. Stop going on about FSX, This is a DCS forum..
  8. I love you dude.. Where's your website? Im making a donation for showing up..
  9. Ive never heard of a man who wanted to sell his product in 1 shop? Ive placed this (along with other queries) in genuine places i think it needs to go, i only put it in here based upon cichlidfan's advice.. But even he is now complaining.. What a crock! If i honestly thought you guys would moan like suck a massive prolific bunch of grandads i probably wouldnt have asked.. But every thread i start is genuine, and is only asked in curiosity. Ill tell you this though, im put off by some of the community. Upto now, the only nice people ive dealt with is the Developers who have been honest, taken my questions, and given me some real and true feedback based upon my questions.. And i now genuinely know how much hardwork half of you guys are making it for them..
  10. Seriously... Have you even read these posts?
  11. Because i listened to you?
  12. New Module.. Who would pay uprfront for a module if they knew they could have the Module within 6 months? ie DCS HARRIER.. £40 upfront to promise a 6 month delivery..
  13. Why? What would i benefit from by doing this?
  14. Lets be realistic for 1 minute VTOL is capable.. There are 50,000 members on this forum.. If 10% of them people pay upfront for a module, then the DEVS have £200,000..
  15. What you on about FSX for? Im talking about DCS.. We know DCS has VTOL capability..
  16. It was an example, what would you deem a credible amount of money for a DCS Harrier GR9?
  17. You see, now how does this help? Come on Joey- Explain this.. Im genuinely interested so the more i learn, the more i love.. So be as detailed as you can while explaining like im five..
  18. Yes, but surely coding can be broken up and integrated? Im talking about the basics, why couldnt you give a big job to two guys instead of one?
  19. Im highlighting the subject of Kickstarter with the community, and new information is being learnt.. Community, News.
  20. Are there any sales figure on how many modules have been sold? Wether it be FC3? A10C? or even Ka-50?
  21. Is anybody else looking forward to this? RazBam, Please start a KickStarter campaign.. I understand it has nearly the same role as the A10? Granted the A10 has a huge ass gun, and can carry a lot more munitions, but realistically, the Av-8b 2 utilises the maverick, and GBU's just as the A10 does.. SO from a technical perspective surely this would be an easy one in terms of Avionics? Am i right in thinking that the flight systems and aerodynamics are the tricky part?
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