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  1. I dunno, the best I have for rudder control is a thumbwheel, and I've got the hang of pointing it pretty much where I want once I learnt the trim function, can even do "the funnel". So either the damper is buggy and Im an exceptional pilot, or the damper is ok and Im about average. If by chance you are comparing it to other simmed helicopters, its worth knowing that the Blackshark is a very heavy helicopter - 9.8t gross vs 4.1t for the Huey, for example.
  2. I cant vouch for how well the exact envelope is modelled for this exact weapon, but it *is* perfectly within the bounds of physics for an iron bomb to exceed the speed of sound if dropped from sufficient altitude.
  3. Im not sure about exact sim mechanics, but IRL: 1. Due to inverse square law and the signal only having to go one way, RWR has significantly longer detection range than radar. 2. Add to that, a beam does not have to be painting you directly to trigger your RWR. 3. As a consequence of that, just because you get an RWR warning, doesnt mean you are definitely on his radar scope. He may well be having the exact same problem finding you. 4. Radar beam is only 2-3 deg wide, to fully scan a volume, one must change altitude and antenna elevation parameters periodically, so that you a
  4. Try using a Harpoon Steerpoint (I think thats what its called). The harpoon will fly there and then take up the selected bearing, meaning you can potentially fire from quite a large area - depending on distances - and it will still go where you want.
  5. In modern air warfare, the gun is there as a low-lethal option. Think warning shots and the like.
  6. Your settings look good, that should have dropped 6 single weapons 100ft apart (although they are very inaccurate, you might not always get perfect spacing) I dont know what is wrong but I'll tell you what threw me at first when trying this. You gotta hold weapon release for the entire duration, until all bombs have dropped. If you just *press* it once, it will only drop for that amount of time, and you only get one or two bombs dropped. It is easily possible that they did not drop at the *exact* same time, a 100ft seperation can be an exceedingly short interval at time of release.
  7. I mean, even if it WAS monthly, its been what? A month and 4 days? TipTopTip: developers are always bombarded with "where is the update?" demands, and they can almost never answer, and they can almost never "just speed up", and they are almost never "just milling around not really working, just waiting until the customers start complaining". In other words - just dont do it
  8. Is this only for the F16 or will it be rolled out to other modules? Thanks!
  9. Qu1 - what stores do you have hanging off your wings when getting this result, is it the same with a clean aircraft? Qu2 - what angle of attack are you seeing when experiencing these acceleration problems? Often I have trouble staying below 300kts long enough to retract the gear! The only time I have been flying the Hornet and thought "Hmm...full burner...why am I so slow?" ...I was trying to get an angle on an enemy cargo aircraft and in my overzealous approach had bled too much speed and because of this my AoA was very high maintaining the turn, leading to high drag and very low
  10. Is this TOO or PP? At some point you need to set the elevation, in PP you do this when inputting target coords. IIRC, in TOO, there is also an option to set elevation, unless I am wrong. In any case, incorrect elevation could explain what you are seeing.
  11. Not when compared against most other early access titles and developers there arent. Fact is, it just *isnt possible* to tell you what you really want to know - it seems you want to know the day a particular feature will be completed and you want them to stick to that date. Well they cant give you that date and they cant guarantee to stick to it, thats the reality of games development - or really, ANY large project of any significance. And "you shouldnt have to go hunting in various locations" Why shouldnt we? Who made that a rule? That the information exists should be enough, you
  12. I cannot belive there will be many self-respecting DCS pilots who will not, eventually at least, own both of these without regret. Letss say you love the F16, so you get the F16 module. How long are you going to let the F18 module sit around before you try it out? How many sales will go by? Im guessing not many :lol: What Im saying is, the question is moot, buy the first one your mouse reaches.
  13. Some people dont know how good they have it. They should buy like any other "early access" title to see how impressive the ED dev cycle really is.
  14. You're looking for the Ace Combat forum, this one is for DCS.
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