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  1. Thank you for all you did and all you will do in the future.. Big respect to the SIMMOD-COMMUNAUTY...
  2. Nice screens SuperKungFu..i love the first one (and the 6 screen so!) in grey color....;)
  3. As he says Cougar12dk the aircraft is the Super-Etendard from the French-Navy and the The Rafale must replace it..:smilewink: A picture for you Skru_luse.
  4. wqshmzh says.. Can say specifically??? Which also has these source material from to look.. :book:....it's just necessary to give in order now!!!....:D
  5. Splendid project… but I see..... it's in standby… I am impatient to see it leaving…:thumbup:
  6. Little video made faster...http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x565u5_warthog-video_videogames
  7. Bramski.. Very good job....i like your works..cos most realistic for light reflection....... like IL2..:poster_oops:..!! Wonderfull:thumbup:
  8. The Black Falcons Algerian Squadron.....please Yeniceri thanx a lot.. and off course thanks Highwayman-ED Amazing works!!! Patch Art. Edit : Squadron Logo http://algvf.hostarea.org/
  9. 100000000000000000000 Thanks Mr Fox!!!:thumbup:
  10. :bounce:...Wonderful Works...:notworthy:
  11. Yo Fahrenheit007! may be at this link :Simmerpaint Simmerpaint It's a small tutorial for Making quick rivets and smooth curving panel and rivet lines with Photoshop
  12. Very good job Tomcatz...the "Newlook" of the SU very good idea:thumbup:
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