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  1. It's an old mod that has no updates, including the previous video is old, was one of the last times I had edited my terrain textures. Currently I have my own textures, similar to that video (but new) but I have not shared them as a public mod. I'm not doing this anymore. I use JSGME, to answer your question.
  2. Hi Midight. Thanks!. Maybe later, when I finished editing the other seasons. I do not think these textures a public mod, but if someone wants it, I can share with pleasure.
  3. They are my own textures, from scratch, taking real photographic references of Georgia. For now, just for summer. Lens effect, more stained.
  4. Hi NatoBoomerang. I fear that this MOD is not working properly, even if the folder paths are fine. It seems that for some aircraft works and not for others. I have not tried them all but my recommendation would be to stop using it. For the F-15 mod if running, also for the Su-25A and Su-25T. For the Su-27 and Su-33 is not working, it does not work for the TF-51 and P-51. The problem must be a bug, because the textures, placed in the appropriate folder should work, but it seems that DCS is not charging texture reflection on all aircraft, including the original texture. The route of the texture for the F-15 is: \ Mods \ aircraft \ Flaming Cliffs \ cockpit \ Textures \ F-15C-CPT-TEXTURES \ (Texture here) "F-15C-CPT-TEXTURES" folder you create yourself, paying attention to the name of the folder, you must have the same name as the compressed file. If you use JSGME, you must modify the paths to work on airplanes I mentioned, but I have not tried others including mod. For those who want to know, airplanes are not included in the mod is because I have no these modules, and can not edit your files.
  5. Hi Neon67. Well, no. It is not a public mod, I'm just trying texturing with satellite photographs to see the result. Perhaps after several tests out something good.
  6. These textures are not a solution for urban areas, only work well in mountainous areas. It is a test, not definitive. I keep trying other options, there is much to photograph in the area of Georgia. k60.kn3.net/2/5/9/A/A/7/E5C.jpg k60.kn3.net/5/E/E/B/0/7/B9B.jpg
  7. The location of the file has changed with version 1.5. I have corrected the location but do not see changes in the reflection on the Su-27. I'll do some tests.
  8. T. Jacob

    Old Runway

    Not for the moment. I am sorry
  9. T. Jacob

    Old Runway

    For version 1.5 should only place the "LandTextures" folder: Mods \ terrains \ CaucasusBase \ vfstextures \ That is .dds texture files, remain in: Mods \ terrains \ CaucasusBase \ vfstextures \ LandTextures \ If you use JSGME you must change the path of the mod to fit your new location.
  10. Thank you! they are very good. All an artist. :thumbup:
  11. Izgud and mafuasu Thanks for the solution found, I've been a long time without activity around here, I'm glad you were able to run the mod. I owe them recognition. THANK YOU! I will try the solution and then commented as I was.
  12. Thanks! :thumbup: It is a new terrain texture from scratch, using satellite images of Google Earth. I was a long time without going over here, and wanted to do something new. It is just a test to see how it was. I have not changed any lua file in these images but I've seen some recommendations out there, then I will try.
  13. Hi Psicodreamics. For cities, you need the mod Highwayman-Ed (Improved Villages mod). In the first post I mentioned. You can download it from here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=115359 Any questions, ask me. :thumbup:
  14. T. Jacob

    Old Runway

    Hello crazyeddie, that texture is the result of a photograph I found searching the Internet. Sometimes you need not search the banks of textures, but also in banks photographs, then you must edit the picture to turn it into a usable texture, so it can be repeated. I work my textures with Photoshop as PSD files. Regards. :)
  15. Starway very good job. Thank you for your work. Excellent texturing.
  16. Hello! the lines you mention only edit the visibility for the grass nearby. You should not blurry at a distance to edit those lines. Maybe you need a mod of visibility. Or you can delete that file, high.lua and make a repair for DCS reinstall the original. :)
  17. I regret to say that I can not help you :(. In past updates, several commands stopped working. Meanwhile, I tried everything, even "devised" new commands from others trying to follow a logic of language, but have not had any results. The best I got is that the power lever is moved only slightly (click). I think only the Su-25T continues to operate the "mouse_z". Perhaps in the MiG-29, but in other airplanes nothing works. I bought a cheap joystick, but the z axis is uncomfortable, then I still use the mouse to give power to all aircraft including helicopters, but this time using the buttons 1 and 2 respectively. Button 1, increased power and low power button 2, the z axis of the mouse remains the zoom, which is comfortable for me. I am afraid that is not possible using the z axis of the mouse, no matter how it is spelled the command does not function. Before buying the joystick, and when the "mouse_z" no longer worked, using the mouse buttons for power, and to shoot using a modifier and mouse buttons. For example: shift + left mouse button 1.
  18. T. Jacob

    Old Runway

    NEW UPDATE! 08-06-2015 Two options to runway: Soviet and Usa Two options for parking and taxiway: White lines and Yellow Lines I have tried to make the concrete slabs in real scale, but DCS does not possible, because it applies the same texture to objects of different sizes. However the size of the plates is now similar to the realistic size. ► Old Runway 2 LINK ► http://www.mediafire.com/download/r7o2k188s68x0n6/Old+Runway+2.rar ►Old Taxiway and Parking 2 LINK ► http://www.mediafire.com/download/bmxew2nn8oe7951/Old+Parking+and+Taxiway+2.rar Enjoy :thumbup:
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