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  1. Hey, I got your point, but the situation is complex. Think out of the game for some moments, and you may find the usefulness and uselessness of the Hind in the game too. Sending them against a full-scale, multi-layered, integrated air defence? No responsible commander would do that. Anyway, what would be the task for a Hind? Cold War is over, but not many nations replaced the old stuff to 5th generation fighters and so on - defence budget is low for a lot of countries. They found out how to improve the capabilities of the old gear for "pennies" - installing
  2. What I wanted to say is, that JTAC often has the handheld IZLID stuff to mark. I'm not saying that any infantry G. I. has it. What I say is, that in-game JTAC sorties should be able to be assigned as a handful of guys, perhaps on feet, maybe with a single and simple Humvee (not to mention a FAC-qualified SF group in the bushes), and they work with a handheld IZLID for sparkle or, for a precision strike, a designator on a small tripod, proned behind.
  3. Thanks, it works. However, an IR mark is often made by a handheld laser by the JTAC wearing a monocular NVG, so this feature should work from the level of the "infantry M4" guy. PS thanks for moving thread to the correct section.
  4. Hey, I created a sample night CAS mission, and I set the ground JTAC to mark my target by the IR pointer. Upon checking in, the JTAC says Type 3 is in effect and "no mark". According to the editor, LOS is not an issue, and with the Combined Arms module, I can paint that truck - for no reason in single player. And Type 1 or 2 would make more sense anyways. I copied the JTAC settings from the AV-8B Mav training misssion, except for the marking and the armament. Any ideas? I'm out of tips. Thanks! night cas.miz
  5. Hi folks, I'm thinking about to get a little more serious again on DCS, after 10 years. I travel a lot for business, so I have some free time in the evenings while on the go. Currently I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop (i5-7300HQ, 1050, 8GB DDR4-2400, SATA3 M2 SSD) which runs DCS very decent (1080p, mid settings), but I fly only in a casual way, just having fun in single player, in FC3 or Ka-50, no heavy scenery, with a Logi Extreme 3D, no head tracking. This is what I want to change: more flying, more helicopter (I saw pics about Mi-24P), more precision strikes, go online again
  6. Black Shark and stuff on Windows 8 CP??? Hi guys and girls, it's been a while since my last appearance here... So, I am testing the Windows 8 CP on both of my rigs - the desktop and the laptop, and as live and primary and only OS. I can see that many power users don't like the new MetroUI stuff... where's my Start Menu etc... I don't want to start a flame war here, so for me, W8CP is just doing its job: working fast (faster than W7), working with only minor problems (as a beta), and working for FREE:D But the reason of this post: I want to buy a new laptop, and I decided to run W8
  7. Well, and simply imagine a vortex ring state during an IMC approach... loss of attitude sensing. I think AGL ain't a factor here... as my cdr said: dural rain happens...
  8. Hi Bogus, sorry for chipping on the thread. I am flying Russian-made choppers without ILS, DME or VOR. We have only ADF stuff on-board with radio altimeter. So, we are practicing full NDB approaches, and preparing to do it everywhere according to the AIPs. If an aerodrome issues its approach procedures, it means that everyone who wants or accidentally happens to fly in, must follow these. If this aerodrome has a terminal and/or approach radar (or radar info), which they can use for separation either in IMC, the APP can vector evy aircraft on different flight paths if necessary: for exam
  9. Hi guys, haven't been here for months... I have a question. I have a wireless USB keyboard-mouse combo. Is it possible to use a 2nd keyboard on PS/2 as another input device? I want to map the most used functions to the 2nd keyboard organized into groups (and signed with stickers/colors): weapon controls, PVI, UV-26, data link, AP etc.... A bit similar to a TouchBuddy stuff or the keys on the Thrustmaster MFD but much cheaper:D. The current state: the BS sees only one keyboard and, of course, I can use both with the default keyboard layout... Do you have any idea to make it a different
  10. The four OD green tubes are Sturm or Ataka launchers (and compare the ø 80 mm B8V-20 tubes with them, Sturms are ø 130 mm). Below the wingtips, they are Iglas (ø 72 mm). What I've just spotted (LOL, I uploaded this:doh:), and can't figure out, is that thing under the inner starboard pylon.
  11. Hi, just found another A2A equipped helo: with her Iglas / Strelas (can't figure out), the pilot can get either Maverick and Goose:D I heard a story that in a country, far, far away, they equipped their Mi-24s with Iglas in DIY way: they, let's say, Duct-taped the missiles to the wingtips, and wired the missiles' control to the cargo bay with some "red button", and the flight technician's duty was to launch if he saw that the helo's noise was pointing at the target... Creativity iz evything:D Cheers!
  12. Iraqis had Mi-25s which are Mi-24D export variants, and don't carry AT-6s but AT-2 Swatters. These ATGMs are far subsonic, and, although AT-2 has A2A capability according to the manufacturer, it is definitely only for slow moving/hovering, 10x elephant-sized targets:). OK, sometimes TOWs can carry some bad surprise... What I want to say is that this is a fake tale in this conditions. If I have to shoot at fighters, I'd prefer guns, think it's enough to scare away a fighter jock who picked at me. but if I can try it with my ATGMs, that means the fast mover still doesn't have an idea about
  13. Not stupidity, if the jet pilot's task is to patrol over a no-fly zone (Northern/Southern Watch over Iraq), and to intercept/shoot down any aircraft, whether it's a helo or not. The 2 UH-60 loss by F-15s during Provide Comfort, in 1994 (apart from the sorrowful blue-on-blue): they did their job, cause they believed the helos are Iraqi Hinds... Another example, far from existing battlefields: GAI, in peacetime, in a suspected 9/11 case. Helo or not, someone has to stop her before she reaches the chemical factory...
  14. I was lucky having a conversation with IRL F-15 pilots about chopper hunting. I refer to their 1 vs 1 experience. First, radar often doesn't get the helo if they are well-trained and stuck at the earth. Second, if the radar finds the helo, missiles often not (doesn't have all AMRAAM launch criteria, and Sidewinder's seeker head doesn't have the helo). Third, in close dogfight, if doing it in very close distances, like WW2 Spit vs Bf, the helo definitely has advantage, no question; but if the fighter makes attack-run-like maneuvers and makes the next turn from several miles and from the su
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