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  1. You sure can't but perhaps they could make the LOD for a unit at that range be invisible/clear/alpha whatever you want to call it to the naked eye, but make it appear the way it does now when viewed through a sensor. I'm not a game dev so I don't know if or how this would be possible, but if it is then that could help to alleviate the issue.
  2. Sure, but they could start by making something as small as a Linebacker not visible at those extreme ranges without a sensor. Perhaps make the unit visibility distance match the visibility of terrain LOD? You can even see units that would otherwise be on the backside of a ridge and not visible to you because of this. It makes hunting all those player slung and nicely hidden convoys a breeze.
  3. I can spot a Linebacker at beyond 40 miles with the naked eye if it is on a ridgeline. It appears floating in the air above the LOD of the ridge until you zoom in and the LOD loads. After that it becomes harder to see but is still visible. Here is a short video of what I see. It is actually way easier to see than this, but YouTube just murders the quality.
  4. Yes I know that altitude was about 7-8nm which is why I did it that high. I was trying to demonstrate how far the actual laser designator extends from the TGP. The laser rangefinder has the same range limit in DCS as well. The easy way to see this is to point the TGP at that tall building on PG. Then observe the distance displayed in the TGP. If beyond 8.2nm it will give you the distance of where the TGP reticle intersects the ground beyond the building. However once you enter that 8.2nm threshold you will see the range reading snap from where the INS thinks the TGP is pointing, to
  5. So I just went and tested it again in the F16 and it appears to be around 8.2nm slant range according to the TGP range reading. Here is a video of a GBU12 being dropped from about 45k feet. The bomb goes dumb right before impact with a slant range of about 8.2nm. Here is a second attempt from about 40k feet and the bomb tracks all the way down to the target. The laser was reading right at 7nm at impact. Unfortunately I have not been able to test buddy lasing in a while so those results might vary depending on other factors. Also th
  6. When I tested it last the maximum range of both the rangefinder and designator was about 8.5nm
  7. Yeah, and it's not just aircraft but ground units also. While in a KA50 I can now see a tank from 20+nm away. If they are on top of a hill, even if on the back side from my position I can still see them. They appear floating above the ridge at long range since the LOD of terrain is not very accurate. It seems pretty ridiculous that you can spot tanks and even infantry at these ranges now.
  8. If you don't remove wheel chocks it will force you into the drink. I have seen this many times in MP where the game spawns someone already on the CAT. It's pretty funny to watch, and I get a good laugh every time. :megalol: ​​
  9. I know this has been asked before over the years and I'm not exactly sure why it has not been added, but can we please get a team select splash screen before we can view the role select screen in multiplayer servers? This becomes a real issue since at any time even during flight you can pull up the role select screen and see where your enemy is flying out of, and what they are flying. I can see this not being a big issue for servers with a single spawn location for each team, but in servers where you are supposed to capture and hold different airbases and FARP's this can and does get exp
  10. Already reported here https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-a-10c-ii-tank-killer/bugs/290922-reported-a10c-ii-losing-the-ccip-gun-reticle
  11. When you select the hidden on map option it does remove the threat rings so in that way the function works, just not explicitly for MFD's only.
  12. Not sure if this is reported yet, I looked around but didn't see anything. Also I am assuming this is not the correct behavior for this option but here goes. When you place a SAM unit such as an SA-19 Tunguska in the ME you have the option to hide it on the MFD, the mission planner, and the F10 map. When selecting to hide it on the MFD it seems the threat rings still appear on the DL page of aircraft such as the F18, and the option has no effect. Now If I select to instead hide it on the map then the unit will disappear not only on the map, but also the threat rings will be removed fr
  13. NeMoGas

    Gun Smoke

    I would like to request gun smoke that stays in the air for a few seconds after a gun run. It could have a dispersion time similar to the smoke pods on other aircraft. A video for reference. Thanks for your consideration.
  14. So it seems like a repair will also fix the pod, but unloading and reloading a new one is still faster.
  15. From my experience you need to land and remove the bad pod, then reload a new pod. I haven't tested if an aircraft repair will fix it though, so maybe it will.
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