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  1. Hi Devrim, I'm working on a french translation of the cockpit. But I have a problem with the swith label, my french label is on the defaut label. I don't understand why because i'had removed it. It work fine with the gauge, annonciator panel and things like the oxygen lever.
  2. I use GIMP too, but I dont know LaTeX, is it for what kind of work?
  3. Hi funkyfrany, Can i use your work to make a french version ?
  4. Thanks for the reply, I learn some things about the Viggen (for exemple the landing at alpha 10°, use of AFK) But unfortunately I don't speak Swedish (I'm french). I learn a lot of the Viggen with the manual but there is not the operational use of the aircraft. Just to speak about me, I worked in the FAF as a flight simulator instructor and I learn that is a huge difference between that is written in the manual, that you understand and the operational use of the airplane. This is why there is still instructor on airplane.:smilewink: This is why in want to have this feedback of people w
  5. Hello everybody, There is on this forum, real Viggen pilots, who want to share their experience about Viggen and DCS module. Do you have any tips or procedure you can share. If there do you have any channel or video? If there is any other person who work with the Viggen you're words and story is also greatly welcome to share your experiences, stories and tips. Thankfully Guillaume
  6. I find a solution for the color of the letters, I had modified the color in red in the font_ajs37.tga file in Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\AJS37\Cockpit\resources\IndicationTextures. I work for the U point and M point. As you can see the second M is used for reconnaissance target the first is for system target. I tried it on the S letter but the system use the same letter for t/o airfield LS and the tracking target S1, it use the 4th one. I dont understand why because there is 4 S letters. I find also that the system use the second M instead of the R letter. There
  7. Sorry, the quote didn't work It's about the letters, The R letters aren't display when you're in the SPA mode, it is the letter M. The letter M for reconnaissance mark are still in white. In SKU the S Letter aren't flashing as explain in the manual for the différents types modes. Since my post i've made few recon mission, I seen other things, I don't know if is it a bug or not : When I'm in MAL mode I see my ring target in the radar screen, and I can see all my recon target (M) when I press my recon id on the data panel. But when I am in SKU mode in didn't see anymore the ring targe
  8. Thanks a lot for that explanation. And thanks for the Nevada, i'll try that.
  9. Hi guys, Do you have any info about the SPA bug?
  10. Hi, I have a question for coordinate input : We don't insert E or W and N or S in REF LO/LA. How the system know that the coordinate that I insert are the good. For example : For W 115°45'24" I insert 1154524 but i don't insert W. How the system know if is E or W? Is it a coding choose in the module? In the aircraft how did the pilot managed with this issus? Thanks
  11. Hi, There is no template on this link Thanks
  12. Hi Heatblur. Thanks a lot for all the job you've done. I'm a Big fan since the Mig-21 and I have the Viggen Too. I think it will be usefull for all to have an application with all we need for the airplane ( check-list, payload and fuel, tips,...). For the F-14 and the Viggen. Cheers. Windu65
  13. And Viper is it possible to add the possibility to set the altitude and speed in KM? and the same for the kneeboard (have the choise to choose the type of speed and the unit) for the fuel load ( in % for the viggen for exemple, in Kg for M2000) THX
  14. Escuse me I have the same problem and I don't understand your explanation.:cry: And Viper Thanks a lot for your tool, i waiting that for long long time!!!!!
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