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  1. Sorry, the quote didn't work It's about the letters, The R letters aren't display when you're in the SPA mode, it is the letter M. The letter M for reconnaissance mark are still in white. In SKU the S Letter aren't flashing as explain in the manual for the différents types modes. Since my post i've made few recon mission, I seen other things, I don't know if is it a bug or not : When I'm in MAL mode I see my ring target in the radar screen, and I can see all my recon target (M) when I press my recon id on the data panel. But when I am in SKU mode in didn't see anymore the ring target of my traking (S) target. And when i go back in MAL mode I didn't see anymore the recon target ring. It is pretty annoying when you have few ship in the same sector.
  2. Thanks a lot for that explanation. And thanks for the Nevada, i'll try that.
  3. Hi guys, Do you have any info about the SPA bug?
  4. Hi, I have a question for coordinate input : We don't insert E or W and N or S in REF LO/LA. How the system know that the coordinate that I insert are the good. For example : For W 115°45'24" I insert 1154524 but i don't insert W. How the system know if is E or W? Is it a coding choose in the module? In the aircraft how did the pilot managed with this issus? Thanks
  5. Hi, There is no template on this link Thanks
  6. Hi Heatblur. Thanks a lot for all the job you've done. I'm a Big fan since the Mig-21 and I have the Viggen Too. I think it will be usefull for all to have an application with all we need for the airplane ( check-list, payload and fuel, tips,...). For the F-14 and the Viggen. Cheers. Windu65
  7. And Viper is it possible to add the possibility to set the altitude and speed in KM? and the same for the kneeboard (have the choise to choose the type of speed and the unit) for the fuel load ( in % for the viggen for exemple, in Kg for M2000) THX
  8. Escuse me I have the same problem and I don't understand your explanation.:cry: And Viper Thanks a lot for your tool, i waiting that for long long time!!!!!
  9. Hi werewolf, thank a lot for your mod. How can I change the jvn type from nato in russian for frenchy mod?
  10. Thanks dude! There is the link of the website with a lot of fictionnal skin http://studiogekko.blogspot.fr/p/mig-21-what-if-profiles_05.html
  11. Hi, I'd tried to ski but I'm not good at this art. Can anyone make this skin whitout the mark and the roundel please. I'll pay to him a virtual beer!:drink: Windu65
  12. Ok, I've tested it now and now it work fine. I don't know why. this this the magic of computer... :)
  13. Hi everybody, I can't use the drag chute. I use the button LV30 or the command but nothing happen.
  14. Hi everybody! I've notice that the lever is mapped on the wrong side. On the manual it is writtren that you have to have the lever in vertical position if you want to diseable the nose breaking (for turning in the ground for exemple) but in the sim you have to put in horizontal position. Best regard windu65
  15. perfect... thanks a lot for sharing!
  16. Hi ! Yesterday I was "travelling" in the audio files and i've made a discovery about the Engines sdef files : I think that there is a error with the first line, it is written : wave = "Effects/Aircrafts/Cockpit/Mig21AroundEngine" (this is the exemple of the MigAroundEngine.sdef file but it the same for 9 other) I have no experiences in programing but I think that the correct line would be : wave = "Effects/Aircrafts/Engines/Mig21AroundEngine" And I have a question about the sound in Effects file: When I listen the recording of some effects, I've that there is a lot of sound that I never eared before. And I've noticed that there is a differences with the record sound and the sound in the simulator, for the engine sound in and outside for exemple. Can you check this please (and forgive me for my english, this is not my mother language)... Thanks a lot Windu65
  17. Ok so sorry Novak if I made the mistake:(:(:(:(
  18. Ok and where do you fond the real one please?
  19. Hi everybody, but i'm posting this post for dolphin887 as an ex-mig21 pilot and for other ex-mig21 pilot if there are... I've two question : Do you have any curve (or data if not) about mig 21 performances (max sustained rate and instantaneous rate of turn) ? And do you have any idea of probability of mig 21 faillure in % for the faillure programing in the mission editor. Thanx Windu65
  20. Tanks roob! I'll try to mix the music and the images. I will make a New one more rock and roll. ;-)
  21. This is my first video with the Mig21 Thanks LS for this great sim! Enjoy...
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