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  1. TEST IT,PLZ TEST IT,PLZ Su-30.zip
  2. check the shapes folder and make sure that you have a file called NukeMissile.edm there. 检查一下你的NukeMissile.edm是不是最新edm格式的文件,否则也不显示出来。
  3. HI.Is there is a way that put the ship on the land? Thanks in advance.
  4. I make a desotryer for fun in the dcsw.it has proximity guns.but when it fires,some time the bullets go through the ship.see the attachments pictures. how to solve this problme? Thank you in advance. and the guns codes are here: ws = GT_t.inc_ws() GT.WS[ws] = {} set_recursive_metatable(GT.WS[ws], Type730) GT.WS[ws].area = "BORT_R" GT.WS[ws].center = "CENTER_CIWS_F001" GT.WS[ws].drawArgument1 = 21 GT.WS[ws].drawArgument2 = 22 GT.WS[ws].angles_mech = { {math.rad(30), math.rad(30), math.rad(-1), math.rad(48)}} GT.WS[ws].angles = { {math.rad(30), math.rad(30), math.rad(-1), m
  5. we know some sensor datas like these: sensor_data local aoa = sensor_data:getAngleOfAttack() local speed = sensor_data:getSelfVelocity() local sas = sensor_data:getSelfAirspeed() local tas = sensor_data:getTrueAirSpeed() local ias = sensor_data:getIndicatedAirSpeed() local mach = sensor_data:getMachNumber() local vv = sensor_data:getVerticalVelocity() local gforce = sensor_data:getVerticalAcceleration() local balt = sensor_data:getBarometricAltitude() local ralt = sensor_data:getRadarAltitude() local pitch = sensor_data:getStickRollPosition() / 100 local roll = sensor_data:getS
  6. 1.make one material ball that works fine. 2.drag this one to another ball,rename the new ball and give it a new bit map. 3.and so on.
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