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  1. Yeah, I loved 7, but times have changed. I'm coming around to 10. DCS has seen a huge leap in performance for me. On 7, the JF-17 had pretty bad stuttering that killed the enjoyment. Now, it's butter smooth. It's also seen smoother performance in titles like ArmA 3. I'm still trying to recover some accounts of mine, but over all? Despite it being a massive PITA, it was worth it. That's before we even get into security, etc.
  2. It took me about 4 hours of headaches, but hello Win10. It feels like DCS runs a lot smoother, though. That's cool.
  3. Ew. That sounds like a winner, alright. I just recall they absented the "start" button in 8, didn't they?
  4. I never touched 8, actually. Judging by how quickly it was committed to the shadow realm, I'm guessing I didn't miss much.
  5. There's a reason for that, most Windows OS's are completely garbage at launch. The only one I recall staying actual garbage was Millennium Edition.
  6. It's annoying, but it's an inevitability that Win 7 would get left in the dust one day. I look forward to the baffling stupidity of W10.
  7. Really? Citing Carmack, a generational talent? There's also several language barriers here, as well.
  8. Actually, I'm going to disagree on the Su-17/22. I still think it's a fitter, but a Su-7 of some stripe. Su-7BKL, for example. I WANT to say 17/22, but there's only a single wing-fence in the render visible through the fabric.
  9. Going over the shrouded aircraft like
  10. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but a bunch of kids getting pulled into a video game ala Monster Rancher seems at odds with DCS's focus on realism.
  11. Do it. H-5 it up. Give us the glorious centrifugal flow engines.
  12. So, don't use the DDR skin with a MiG sided with Iran?
  13. This is awesome, great work. Are you applying back pressure on the stick during the roll out?
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