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  1. There you go. First test: WEP using water injection button (no lock). As soon as I pull negative Gs the water stops flowing and doesn't start. P-47 WEP test_negative G_water inj button.trk Second test: WEP using button lock. Water injection stops for the duration of negative G but then turns on when you return to positive Gs. P-47 WEP test_normal operation_negative G_water inj lock.trk This is mostly an issue with the early P-47D-30 as it has no water injection lock. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  2. Same thing for me. One more thing. You can pull negative G before first usage of WEP and it will work. But when you use WEP and then pull negative Gs it will stop working and won't work again. Cheers.
  3. To be honest, I'd rather wait and get a relatively bug-free version from the start.
  4. I'm more interested in how it will work with VR.
  5. It would be a good idea for mission/campaign devs to add expected mission time to mission descriptions.
  6. IMHO it's a personal thing. First I wouldn't bother with RAM, as I don't think DSC would benefit from additional 16gb. As for GPU vs warthog... What is your current HOTAS? What bothers you the most when playing DCS? If you're struggling with controls, or want more immersion, go for warthog. If you're struggling with fps or the game doesn't look as good as you'd like, go for GPU. PS. If you decide to get the GPU, don't buy the 2060. Wait for 30 series. Also, the idea that non RT cards will soon become obsolete is bs. Even if raytracing will be introduced to D
  7. Try this. When approaching the target shoot a very short burst and observe where the bullets land. Then adjust your aim keeping in mind you constantly get closer to the ground. Also, try steeper approaches. You have less time to shoot but the bullets don't drop as much.
  8. TBH, it doesn't look like a digital map to me. Perhaps it's just WIP.
  9. I bet there's a typo somewhere on the code which results in RP calculation uses some fixed values for speed/altitude and not the actual ones.
  10. Just in case it wasn't reported already. AUTO delivery at high speeds seems to be off. Here's a snippet from another thread: Track: https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=244338&d=1596808265
  11. I did some tests myself and now I too believe it's bugged. I think I also was able to find the root of the problem - airspeed at drop. In the mission there are several containers and a Hornet full of Mk82s. 0 wind. 2 Drops, both at 9000 ft: 1st drop at 440 Kts - miss (by a lot) 2nd drop at 300 Kts - direct hit The only two variables in these drops were airspeed and attack direction (but since there was no wind attack direction didn't matter). The track is attached below. Hornet AUTO bomb test.trk
  12. Do you have various winds at different altitude or strong gusts? These are all thing the targeting computer cannot take into account.
  13. I can fly the Ka-50 and the Mi-8 with the English cockpit. As well as the Mig-15 and Mig-21 (even if it's not ED). That's why I said it's been the standard in DCS. On the other hand, If you mean using English cockpit for English manual, then I'm 100% behind you.
  14. It's been the standard for every other Russian module so I don't see why they shouldn't do it here.
  15. Yeah, I hope the AI won't be just a fancy autopilot. Talking AI like Jester would be a major step in the right direction.
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