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  1. 64" is the limit with water injection. Without it it's 52".
  2. You don't need to do anything with oxygen regulator. It is set to normal operation by default.
  3. What do you mean by " I turn on the oxygen after takeoff"? Do you turn the red emergency valve? In normal operation the regulator mixes air from the outside with the oxygen supplied by the air bottles. If you turn the red valve the air from the bottles bypasses the regulator and flows straight into the mask - which means it will get used significantly faster than normally. For normal operation, just leave the dillutor at Normal Operation and the emergency valve off.
  4. Great work. I hope ED will add all of them to the game.
  5. Can you explain more about this? I could not find autoexec.cfg in my Saved Games/DCS folder.
  6. My vote goes to the Zero, even an AI one. Corsair is coming up to be a great aircraft for DCS. Would be a shame to see it gathering virtual dust after release because it has no adversary to fight.
  7. I posted this already in VR section but just in case it go missed. Since the previous patch there are no unit icons in Mission Editor, if opened in VR.
  8. Don't think this has been reported yet but since the previous OB update I lost all icons in the mission editor when in vr. No such issues when playing on a monitor.
  9. Yeah, usually I leave it at around 60% and it never overheats. Not much time to do that in this dogfight though
  10. Finally managed to defeat ace AI! Here's the video: I've also attached a Tacview file if anyone's interested. Cheers. Tacview-20210220-201528-DCS-P-47 Dogfight practice.zip.acmi
  11. I've decided to practice my dogfighting skills in the Jug as they've become a little bit rusty so I've set up a simple mission. The opponent is an AI Bf-109, Veteran difficulty. I've attached a Tacview track file. Even though I've won I feel like there's still lots of room for improvement. I'd appreciate any feedback/advice/comments/anything. Cheers! Tacview-20210219-223214-DCS-P-47 Dogfight practice.zip.acmi
  12. Ok, just did a very quick test to see if all this is even relevant in DCS. It's by far not conclusive, but it appears that it is. At about 9k feet, first I tried to go as fast as possible with full throttle and enough boost to reach 52". The fastest I got was 344 mph (TAS). Then I tried the same with throttle and boost interconnected and I got no more that 340 mph. So it's definitely not 300 Hp but it seems the difference is there. Here's the recording (Tacview). DCS-P-47 power test.acmi
  13. I think I understand what you mean. Correct me if I'm wrong: You're moving the throttle forward first and if the engine doesn't reach desired MP you increase the boost until it does. If the throttle and boost are interconnected: The carb receives more air that is also hotter (from the active turbo) and then throttles it to maintain 52" of MP. If the above is true using both methods you get the same amount of power (provided MP = power), just one method is more efficient that the other. Also at some altitude you will reach a point where in order to ge
  14. I don't want to add to the confusion but... First of all, Greg's source here is the manual for P-47N (https://www.avialogs.com/aircraft-r/republic/item/5090-aaf-51-127-4-pilot-training-manual-for-the-p-47n-thunderbolt p.25). In fact, the P-47 Training manual states that you have to disconnect the turbo at start and at high altitudes to prevent the turbo from overspeeding (https://www.avialogs.com/aircraft-r/republic/item/5091-aaf-51-127-3-pilot-training-manual-for-the-p-47-thunderbolt p.13). Also, there is no mention of it in the P-47D-25 to -35 manual (https://www.avialogs.co
  15. The gunsight position is fine. Your virtual seating position is not. You can adjust your camera position with RCTL + RSHIFT + NUMKEYS. Or, if I messed up the combination, just go to settings and look for "move camera". Cheers.
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