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  1. I bought FC3 yesterday, downloaded FC3_1.2.4.11652_168 This is the only file I see for FC3... When I try to install FC3 after installing the DCS World it gives me an error that I can't install FC3 in the New DCS World... It says to down load the DCS 3 1.2.4 11855.. I don't see that File, what gives?
  2. I downloaded DCS_World_1.2.4.11652_168-3 the 1.86gig size file.. once fisnished, every time I click it to start installing it, it give me an error **Invalid or unknown image file format** I tryed to burn it and it did burn unto a dvd, but I still have that error... I tryed to mount it and nothing... I purchased FC3 and I need to install this World before I can even play.. Can anyone help me out with this.. I stopped all my anti-virus softare and real time check from running and still nothing..
  3. I can't get it to work with FC2.. worked fine with FC.Black Shark and all previous versions.. What am I doing wrong?
  4. The early days.. Oh, Remember? Thanks for the years.. :beer::notworthy::punk:
  5. Nicely done Amramm... as always beautiful stuff!! :thumbup:
  6. I tried that.. followed instructions per Microsoft web page.. All that happens when I double click is, for a second or 2 a command prompt screen of about 5X5 pops up for a mere second and goes away.. Nothing else.. Then I try to install the game again and get the same error.. I'm stumped as to what is going on!!
  7. After uninstalling my FSX now I get en error when I try to reinstall.. I have tried in vane to Google a fix.. Anyone know how to fix this error..? Error 1722 and finishing with 1603.. So far every thing I found through Google has not worked.. :cry:
  8. That is some good news.. Now I will buy Black Shark. I had not bought Black Shark because I was under the impression that you needed the Internet to activate, came to this conclusion after reading the box requirements.. Thanks for the quick reply!!
  9. I'm posting this from work.. Just a quick question, Is there a way to activate Black Shark if you don't have internet? I do have wireless, but no on my gaming PC..
  10. OMG... Dude, They made a mistake once by sending you a manual instead of the game.. i would be highly disappointed if they get it right and send you what you ordered... a second manual.. Good luck.. I would have ordered another game.. it's highly unlikely they would make remake the mistake of sending you another manual...
  11. Damn... :doh: Wait, I'll make another poll in 2 minutes and ask a new question .. What simulator did you start with in your adventure to flight simulation? Poll coming !!! :music_whistling:
  12. Wow... nice control and music.. good video my friend !!!! :joystick:
  13. Hehehe.. Thanks guys for the welcome.. I got plenty of Pink Floyd and other groups.. I have way too much music,.. But, thanks anyways Bro.. :P So, any news about our Baby BS..?
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