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  1. Glad you liked it. I will get around to it but can't just yet as i made a deal with the Devil....well, the Mrs actually, but its much the same thing, that I would do some decorating after I had finished the last skin for the competition and she is now demanding her due!
  2. No problem Reflected. I'm pleased, and relieved, that you took my comments in the good spirit with which they were intended. I'm still impressed with how you changed the default code letter style!
  3. Well, good Lord! I don't have to go grovelling to the Evil One for permission to buy now. Very gratifying. Thank you. Well done to all who took part. Some real talent out there.....so lets see more P-47's on User Files chaps.
  4. "2 Big and too Heavy" was a P-47N of the 318th Fighter Group, 333rd Fighter Squadron, 7th Air Force which fought in the Pacific theatre of operations. It is depicted as it would have appeared in June 1945 when the 333rdFS changed their squadron colours from yellow tipped fins, stabilisers and wing tips to a bolder black and yellow striped tail section. The striking, if somewhat risque, noseart was applied by the pilot Lt John Brummer. He was one of at least three pilots who were assigned this aircraft during its time with the 333rd. The name "2 Big and too H
  5. Top job as usual Reflected. Nice to see the sheen on the painted aircraft as the 56th waxed their aircraft to improve speed. My only nit pick (and it is a nit pick, sorry) would be the two tone grey aircraft, the 56th did not use this scheme. It has been long associated with Capt Donovan Smiths "Ole Cock III", but this was because of misinterpretations of the B&W photos of that aircraft, which actually used the RAF Green, RAF Ocean Grey and RAF Medium Sea Grey colours, like Gabreski and Schillings aircraft. Its a pity because the two tone gre
  6. Thanks. You too. Overlaps are a hazard of the hobby but I have no problem with it happening. I've never been a fan of skinners "laying claim" to a particular scheme once they have skinned it. Competition forces us all to up our game, which is a positive thing. On the plus side, your version is the later version of the scheme, as indicated by the white outlined, solid code lettering, so now people can have both.
  7. Probably my final entry into the competition: "The Trojan Warhorse" of the 86th Fighter Squadron, 79th Fighter Group, operating over Italy. Also done a generic with only the centre two fuselage codes activated so it looks a little like the 79thFG coding system. "The Trojan Warhorse" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315354/ 86thFS Generic https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315355/ Generic:
  8. "The Trojan Warhorse" flew as aprt of the 79th Fighter Group, 86th Fighter Squadron. The P-47 groups of the 12th Air Force get even more overlooked than the 9th. Yet they played a crucial role in the extremely tough Italian campaign, in particualr during Operation Strangle. (For more information check out the excellent documentary "Thunderbolt!" on YouTube). Just uploaded this and a generic to User Files. The generic has only the first two fuselage codes active to give an impression of the 79th's system of coding aircraft. I will be entering them i
  9. "Arizona / Loraine" flown by Lt Earl Kielass of the 368th Fighter Group, 396th Fighter Squadron. Art has been redrawn by me. I have also completed a 396th coded generic skin to make up flight numbers. "Arizona / Loraine" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315323/ 396th Generic https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315328/ Generic
  10. "Arizona / Loraine" was flown by Lt Earl Kielgass. I always liked this flamboyant scheme that the 396th adopted late in the war. Noseart has been redrawn by me. I will be entering this into the competition as soon as User files upload it.
  11. I believe that the red "ground here" disc was a post war addition. I stand to be corrected on that, but I have gone through my books and other reference material and can only see it on post WW2 Air National Guard examples, so it was probably on post war foreign examples too. But I cannot find evidence of it on operational WW2 USAAF Jugs of any theatre.
  12. "Kwitcherbitchin 7th" 368th Fighter Group, 397th Fighter Squadron, flown by Major Randall "Pinky" Hendricks. I have a soft spot for the 368th, and the 9th Air Force in general, as they have always seemed to live in the shadow of the more publicised 8th Air Force. Art drawn by me....fitting the "t" to the cowl flaps was a challenge, as they appear to shrink what ever you put on them by about 10%. Took me a while to figure that out!! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315253/
  13. "Kwitcherbitchin 7th" 368thFG 397thFS, flown by the 368th leading ace, Major (at the time of depicting it) Randall "Pinky" Hendricks. Hendricks shot down four Fw190's in a single mission on the 12th June 1944 and a Bf109 on the 22nd June 1944. I skinned this aircraft back in the days of "IL2:46" but in the years since I have lost my research material so had to rely on a couple of poor photographs and a decal sheet for reference. I don't like doing the latter as they are often full of errors, but needs must.... I will be submitting this for the competition wh
  14. "Five by Five" was a P-47D-30-RA flown by Colonel Joe Laughlin, C.O. of the 362nd Fighter Group, 9th Air Force from August 1944 to the end of the war. It is depicted as it would have appeared in 1945. Laughlin claimed three aerial kills and is credited with sinking a German Light Cruiser in Brest harbour on the 25th August 1944. Notes: The cowling access catches have been reduced to the correct amount: twelve rather than the 26(!) depicted on the template, and are now correctly orientated to the normal map. The front cowling panel line has also been moved rearw
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