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  1. How can you tell how many people are playing SP by looking at the number of MP players? Just because someone who downloaded the game isn't playing MP doesn't mean that he must be in SP. In fact, it's much more likely that they're not playing at all for whatever reason or combination thereof. As far as the topic: I play 100% objective-based PvP missions. I never finished a campaign or a tutorial (IIRC because they were broken) and since it's faster and easier to learn from other people, I can't remember the last time I loaded into SP.
  2. Thanks for the bug report, I'll make sure Tracerfacer sees this. In the future though, you're much more likely to get noticed and responded to by posting directly to the F99th forums at http://www.f99th.com
  3. runny

    I wish:

    That ED would fix the multitudes of game breaking bugs that we've all learned to just accept and deal with for the last... well since I started playing this game over 3 years ago. We all know what the bugs are.. squish them already. Let's have some meaningful improvements instead of the slew of new half-baked content. Players have been asking for the same stuff for years. Why is it so hard?
  4. I should mention that my experience with it was all from months and months ago in 1.2. I haven't flown the A-10A for a very long time and I don't even have 1.2 installed anymore. From what I remember, all you had to do was take off and land again and it would reproduce every time. Maybe it also made a difference to have no weapons and be out of gun ammo. Sorry I have no tracks or videos.
  5. This happens to me too. It'll even happen standing still with the park brakes on. It's funny to tip yourself back using the elevators :P I assumed it was a bug. I can't see how your airplane randomly falling backwards onto the tail could be any type of 'feature'.
  6. I'd love to be part of this 'club' but $60 is asking too much in my opinion. That's what it should cost if it had an entire game around it as well. I'll wait patiently until it comes on sale.
  7. I removed 1.2 to make space, never did DL 1.5. I just have a 125GB SSD that has ArmA and DCS on it. It's right full now so I'll have to trim down the arma mods to fit more DCS modules and maps on it.
  8. Doesn't work for me, my GPU throttles anyway as soon as I launch the game.
  9. So was this a lie or what happened? Sorry sith, I deleted that post when I realized you guys are talking about the plane, not the game. I posted this instead, improving it with some more 'tude' :P
  10. Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates. I figured the new (old) s77th leadership would take care of it. The s77th is now 'maddog-simulatons' and the s77th domain will redirect there. The server has been returned to its owner, Devilman, who is also running maddog-simulations. That's all I can tell you because I'm no longer there. A new squadron called the Fighting 99th has been created by ex 77th leadership and membership in order to continue what we were doing under the old name. If you miss the 77th then just come down to the F99th, it's exactly what the 77th was. http://www.F99t
  11. We run mods on our Fighting 99th server. You can find the airplane packs on our website in the files tab. http://www.f99th.com
  12. S77th missions almost always have a major objective for helicopters.
  13. We have 2 special slots open in "The Waymakers" element flying Su-27s. Contact Bandit at s77th.com for details on joining that element. Also, the S77th wishes to revive its frogfoot team with some fresh faces. There are four slots open for "The Kermits" including flight lead. -more slots will become availible if anyone decides to start a new element. Other openings include the "Drunken Bastards" driving the huey and "Shark Flight" flying the black shark. All existing elaments come with custom paint schemes and seperate forum/TS channels. All current elements except the Kermits have p
  14. Hello DCS community. I'll be using this thread to post relevant updates about the S77th Squadron and our server. A quick introduction: We're a casual group that values fun over realism, but we consider realism fun. That means that we use real-life tactics and communication methods up to the point where it adds nothing to the fun. Although we have many skilled pilots, we think that good teamwork is more important than lone wolf aces. We play mainly publicly accessible TvT missions which are designed to be fun for every aircraft without splitting everyone into different areas of the map.
  15. The day I strap a monitor to my face is the day I check myself into the phyco nerd ward. I have no trouble being "immersed", even with crappy computers and peripherals. Fancy hardware does not equal immersion, and I'd go so far as to say that it actually has little effect on it. People get used to whatever they use.
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