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  1. So I don't know if this is a bug or has been mentioned before but I was practicing a case 3 with multiple AI in the stack. I reached my commence time (on time) only to find there was AI aircraft from above me in the stack that pushed ahead of me. As I understand it, the stack is at 1000ft blocks for separation and obviously lower a/c have a sooner commence time. Also, the AI doesn't use the comms. Is it planned for this to be fixed? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I'll do that. I always have my feet on my pedals. I have a deadzone but maybe I'll look at increasing it to allow for foot pressure.
  3. Hi all, so did some more testing. Added the trk file to show what i ment. The anti skid switch was set to off. Still did it. this happens as seen on the stennis and supercarrier. F18c wire bug.trk
  4. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi all, does anyone know what the visual range of the hornet tgp is? I designated a waypoint, which was just over 60 miles away and couldn't see anything on the tgp. As I got closer, around 40 miles, I could see the terrain appearing on the ddi as I I got closer. I have visual range set to ultra. Just wondering if this is normal behaviour in the sim or I'm missing a setting somewhere.
  6. This has happened a few times of late. When I land on the supercarrier, as the aircraft starts to roll back, the nose wheel lifts off the ground and get a tail strike. Also, the cable is stuck on the hook. I tried going full power then idle with the hook down and up. It just tail strikes again and I'm stuck on the runway. I forgot to save the trk file but next time I have it occur, I'll add it below.
  7. Hi all. Just wondering if there has been any update on vulkan implementation or new core code to make DCS run smoother, especially for VR users. I haven't seen it mentioned in a while?
  8. One question and it maybe a stupid one, what difference does changing the screen resolution in dcs? Ie, would it have a negative impact on performance to have it set to a high resolution and run vr, thus making the gpu work harder render two displays (monitor and hmd)?
  9. Thanks all for your suggestions and advice. Currently tinkering with settings now i have your suggestions.
  10. Settings as seen in picture. My PD is set to 1.0 in DCS and steamVR the res is set to 100%
  11. Hi all, can anyone suggest anything to squeeze some more performance out of my system? fpsvr shown in picture? I'm using hp reverb and have reprojection enabled. Just wondering if i've missed any settings. DCS settings are set to vr option. Thanks
  12. I've recently downloaded a few skins from the user files. After adding them via JSGME, a few of them appear as shown in the picture. Can anyone help resolve this?
  13. Need some help, I'm getting alot of shaking when I move my head with the reverb. I've put it down to reprojection not being active. I cant get the reprojection to work or get the indicator box. this is what my file looks like in notepad. { "driver_Holographic" : { }, "driver_Holographic_Experimental": { // Motion reprojection doubles framerate through motion vector extrapolation // motionvector = force application to always run at half framerate with motion vector reprojection // auto = automatically use motion reprojection when the application can not maintain native framerate // d
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