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  1. uhh, no H-Bomb?? question is ... WHY??? :doh:
  2. no answer... :huh: i´ve fooled around with those ".lua´s ", --> no success. so i really have to live without those (sometimes really useful) parachuted bombs?
  3. If it´s not the speed setting, then perhaps it happens because of your weather-settings. I remember same issues in LO. Responsible for this was a driver problem and not the game engine, if my memory serves me right. P.S. Wollte da ja auch im deutschen Forum was zu schreiben, aber der Fred is ja mal wieder zu. :doh:
  4. I´m somewhat disappointed! In 1.01 the Bradley´s now carrying the correct ammount of TOW´s, but they are still launching them in salvos, one after another. (just back from a mission, one Bradley fired all 7 Missiles in about one minute) The reload time is still the same. AFAIK it takes at least 3-5 minutes to reload the two tubes. I guess, i will have one or two beers with my friend "notepad". :music_whistling: cheers :beer:
  5. yes that looks different. i have attached the Flare_mod for FC, give it a try, install with Modman as usual. cheers, :beer: Flare-Mod_FC.rar
  6. Unfortunately i dont have the original Lock_on-files anymore. (yah,yah no backup, and so on) :music_whistling: Could someone please post a screenshot, showing the stock Flare-effects? I tried it with some value-changes in FC1.12a, which will look like this: cheers :beer:
  7. Thank you very much. But there was only a few values to change. No big deal. Anyone could have done this. :yes: Anyway, i´m glad ,you like it. Rock´n Roll, guys!! :D cheers :beer:
  8. Jeez, what can I say. Let me guess..... NEW FLARES: they make you go hovering while supercruise. :shocking: Man, new flares just means they look different to the actual Flares and to me at least, more realistic. FPS Hit? No, i dont think so Harder to see? Depends on, where you are And last but not least, a comparison: BEFORE / AFTER cheers :beer:
  9. New Flares! Install with Modman. cheers :beer: Flare-Mod.rar
  10. ATM from nowhere. :D Reason is simple. I cant found the old .zip-file on my HD. :music_whistling: And also i have continued the tweaking since my last post in this Thread. I will collect all the changed Files and put them together in one Modman-pack. Example: (notice the firing MLRS Battery in the Background) OLD: NEW cheers :beer:
  11. yes, we are off topic, and that´s why: we all know, Borchi dislike Chicks! :D i´m just joking, no offence!
  12. yeeez, looking at your screenies makes me feel like taken in some dubious substances. I guess, these parcels of land are way to small for european conditions. It looks like 500 sqm for corn, 300 sqm for wheat and for the farmers delight 100 sqm of weed. :D and i think the colours are a bit too much contrasty. just my 2c
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