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  1. LowBlow F-16C 40thSOC Hammer F-16C
  2. Here I cover off on three BFM fundamental concepts which arose after some merges with one of our intermediate pilots. 1) How to not give up early angles post-merge; 2) When to reverse; and 3) Lift vector placement. Other topics include how not to lose tally, energy management in a roller and OODA loop mindset.
  3. Start time moved later by one hour to 2200 Zulu on 18 Sept to allow Japanese and Australian pilots to compete. Also, map is Persian Gulf. Air Starts at 15,000 feet, 0.8 Mach, 1 mile line abreast from your wingman, bandits on the nose for 10NM. Time of day is 12:00 in June, winds calm, temperature 25 deg C at ground level, QNH 29.92 in Hg. Starting fuel loads 60%.
  4. Hi is there a fix coming for the memory leak issue with VRK? During a 132nd Virtual Wing mission on Sunday two of us had phenomenal stuttering which went away after we closed down VRK. Memory leak confirmed. Would be great if this could be rectified please.
  5. Hey here are the results from my merges against the Ace AI Mig 19. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/741034458 From 6 merges the AI only managed a kill once and that was by shooting me in the face. Even one circling the Mig 19 is possible if you know what you are doing. Running out of fuel is only a concern if you are not aggressive enough. Try to create turning room prior to the merge, get as many angles as you can early on, and then decide whether you want to one circle or two circle him. You can do both in the viper against the Mig19, no problem.
  6. Hi one of our members in the 132nd is having an issue in the F-16 where when he switches his C & I knob to UFC he disconnects from SRS. So he can talk to us via SRS as long as he is in Backup.
  7. Can't add new objects via the aeroplane icon on the left but can do it via the edit drop down at top. Won't allow me to create new mission from CREATE MISSION button. Many options greyed out. Tried repair, no joy.
  8. Cheers but I've ended up going with a single PTT for Vaicom and then two separate PTTs for SRS. Works like a charm and means my human wingmen won't hear me talking to Vaicom.
  9. As per title, with Vaicom pro I'm hearing the SRS end transmission click immediately after pressing in and still holding the PTT. This is annoying for obvious reasons, as it means I can't transmit on SRS. VA is still listening as long as I hold the PTT in. Please help. I'm set to Norm on the VA dial, and have integrate with SRS enabled.
  10. Hi I'm having an issue when using vaicom pro with srs in the viper. When I push my PTT for either radio the SRS start and end clicks are happening without any delay in between even if I hold the PTT in. Obviously I need to hold the PTT in when transmitting on SRS to get my message out but I don't want to hear the end click almost immediately after pressing the PTT and while still holding it in as this is not realistic. In VA it listens the entire time the PTT is held in. Please help.
  11. No other aircraft does this. It seems odd to me that switching to CCIP causes the TGP to apparently go into boresight rather than staying slaved on the steer point.
  12. I've just jumped in the viper following the latest open beta update and it appears to me that the TGP brightness at night in FLIR modes is still not fixed. The FLIR modes are extremely bright and using the brightness rocker on the MFD does not change the brightness of the image, only the OSB text surrounding the image. Unless I am missing something, I see no way to lower the brightness of the FLIR image in white hot or black hot to make the TGP usable at night. Please help. *EDIT* Disregard, we worked out that we have to put it into manual gain then use the gain rocker.
  13. I vaguely remember hearing something about upcoming changes/improvements to the slow-speed in-flight handling characteristics for the viper. Is there a reference for this somewhere or am I just going mad?
  14. Just ordered the Mk III pro today with EN grip and got the email saying it shipped same day. Also saw on their store that they are now out of stock. How lucky is that?
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